Top Automated Opt-in Tools to Boost eCommerce Marketing

Last Updated:
May 19, 2022

Automated Opt-in Tools

Around 70% of website visitors that abandon your website will never come back. However, you can change that by converting visitors into email leads. Looking to encourage more customers to opt-in to your marketing messages? Utilizing specialized automated opt-in tools can help you to acquire more leads in less time. This allows you to spend more time focusing on marketing promotions and business operations.

What are Opt-in Tools?

An opt-in tool helps you to capture website visitors' information so you can market to them directly later on. Most commonly opt-ins happen through web forms and aim to get the email address and name of the visitor. These details are then able to be used for email marketing purposes. Email marketing is key for eCommerce businesses to increase sales, as most website visitors will not purchase on the first visit. However, if a business can capture the visitors’ information they can entice and encourage them to come back and make a purchase. Below are the top automated opt-in tools business should consider for eCommerce marketing.


As one of the most popular conversion tools for eCommerce marketing, OptinMonster has a wide variety of opt-in options. Using this tool, you can create forms, popups, and boxes to capture website visitors' information and email. Additionally, you can set up conversion forms that populate a discount code or free digital item once users fill in and submit their details.

Part of the reason OptinMonster is so popular is due to the gamification tools available to make conversion interactive and fun. One of the most popular gamification is a coupon wheel, where a visitor can submit their email address and spin the wheel for a discount code. The geolocation tool also allows you to offer special promotions based on the website visitors' location.


The Sumo software tool helps you to build a customer list efficiently. As an email capture tool, Sumo integrates with Shopify and WordPress eCommerce sites seamlessly. Using it, you can create popups and forms throughout the website, to encourage email list signups. These popups can be set to appear after a certain amount of time, on a particular webpage to help improve conversions. The customizable settings allow you to directly target website visitors at the best time for conversion. Additionally, once you link Sumo to your email marketing service, you can begin to send eCommerce marketing emails immediately.


The Namogoo tool allows you to handle opt-ins and email marketing from the same tool. By using intent-based promotions to display offers to website visitors, you can increase conversions. This tool also allows you to personalize website and eCommerce experiences for visitors, so you can target them more effectively. There are additional features that allow you to automate offers based on customer preferences and previous website activity. This can help you to increase opt-in conversions and sales. After all, modern shoppers love a personalized promotion.

Namogoo also has an SMS tool that works with its email marketing automation to improve communication and marketing reach.

Utilize one of the automated opt-in tools above to boost your eCommerce marketing campaigns and generate more leads. Marketing platforms help by converting website visitors to email or mobile leads, from which your business can advertise more effectively. Ensure you look at your website analytics to minimize bounce rates and see what visitors do before leaving. Knowing these details will allow you to better target potential leads and capture their information. Using that information you can also create specific marketing campaigns and generate more profit.

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