Top Paying AI Careers

Last Updated:
June 25, 2024

Top Paying AI Careers

A few years ago artificial intelligence (AI) was a futuristic term that many people feared. After all, many predicted large-scale job losses as machines took over tasks. While machines are replacing some tasks, most businesses and workers are embracing AI technology. Below we look at the top paying AI careers and how you can benefit from AI tools.

What AI is used for business?

AI usually refers to technology applications that can “think” and complete tasks without continued human interference. The most commonly used AI tool is a chatbot. These are programmed to answer questions from customers 24/7. ChatGPT is another AI tool businesses are embracing, as it can write articles, captions, meta snippets are more. However, both of these tools, and most other AI tools still need a human to give prompts, or to program it for use. Therefore, there are and will continue to be jobs available within the AI sector.

Top Paying AI Careers

Computer Vision Engineer

Computer vision engineers are responsible for helping computers comprehend and interpret visual data using AI-powered machine learning. They work to create systems that can detect and categorize photographs, videos, and other visual data with other engineers. The average starting salary for a computer vision engineer is $119,000 USD.

Machine Learning Engineer

A machine learning engineer is responsible for creating machine learning algorithms and models for applications. The resulting application can analyze large datasets and make future predictions using current data. This role can include the designing, creating, development, and implementation of machine learning applications. As part of the role, they will collaborate closely with software engineers and data scientists. The average starting salary for a machine learning engineer is $97,000 USD.

Natural Language Processing Engineer

A natural language processing engineer specializes in natural language processing (NLP) tools and platforms. This can include applications like ChatGPT, chatbots, speech recognition software, and much more. NLP engineers take unstructured speech and text and make it into something a computer can understand. They collaborate closely with other engineers to create systems that can utilize text and speech commands or prompts. The average starting salary for a natural language processing engineer is $90,000 USD.

AI Engineer

An AI engineer plays a key role in developing and implementing AI systems. Responsibilities can include developing AI models, building AI systems, optimizing performance, data preprocessing, and data cleaning. To become an AI engineer you need to be proficient in programming, have a knowledge of mathematics, and be aware of the new AI developments.

As part of the role, they will collaborate with data scientists and software engineers. The average starting salary for an AI engineer is $80,000 USD.

Data Scientist

A data scientist must understand how to employ statistical and machine-learning techniques to analyze large data sets. They will work closely with the engineering team to ensure the AI tool can learn from the supplied data, and find patterns, trends, and abnormalities. After launch, you will collaborate with business executives to use this data and knowledge to make decisions. The average starting salary for a data scientist is  $68,000 USD

If you are looking to work in the AI sector, the top paying AI careers above require specific skills and training. Consider studying software engineering, with a specialization in advanced AI and automation to get started. This along with a great knowledge of coding and programming will put you where you need to be.

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