Transform Excel Data Sheets with

Last Updated:
July 25, 2023

Transform Excel Data Sheets with

Sharing and distributing data within your business using cloud-based technology can improve communication and productivity. In fact, many businesses have been using Excel to share this data for years. However, your business may want to consider using technology to transform Excel data sheets into an even better resource using

What is is a modern cloud platform that utilizes generative AI to discover, record, visualize, and distribute data. This AI platform combines both natural language processing with open-source financial language models to provide a range of data. Furthermore, simplifies the process and gives a consolidated report of accurate, auditable data with references.

How helps to transform Excel data sheets

Integrate internal and external data

Using you can quickly and easily unite data from a range of sources, both internal and external. This is a great tool for collaboration and allows your business to access relevant information quickly.

Organization tools

Once collects data, there are a range of options available to sort and organize the information. These tools allow you to clean, compartmentalize, analyze, and present data how you want.

Data marketplace

While you can search the internet for external data, some data reports are hidden behind paywalls or other restrictions. has a data marketplace where your business can preview, buy or sell data as required. This ensures that you have access to the data you need without having to switch platforms or create new logins.

Easy to share and collaborate

As is a cloud-based AI platform, sharing your data with others in or out of your business is easy. Furthermore, stores data about any changes to the Excel document. This allows businesses to access who, where, what, how, and when changes are made.

Interactive data visualization

Use to create an interactive and engaging visual display of data, that is easy to understand.  Each viewer also has the ability to explore the data further through links and chart options.

Cloud-based updates

As a cloud-based AI platform, will regularly scan the web for updates to your datasets. This helps to ensure that your information is always current. Furthermore, users can utilize timeframes to specify information windows for comparison purposes.

Enhanced security takes user security and privacy seriously. Using advanced security measures, the platform protects your data and documents. The only people able to view the Excel document will be those who are given authorized access.


As with many online tools, is highly customizable to your needs. Select your business preferences from how data is shown, what data to include, how it can be shared, and how to sort and organize collected data.

Easily auditable

Every piece of data collected by has a viewable logic output. Users can follow the information back to the original raw data for easy verification. This helps to ensure that all information that is providing is accurate, reliable, and referenceable.

Make sharing and collecting data easier than ever before by utilizing AI technology. Not only can help you save time when collecting data, but it can also transform your Excel data sheets into engaging presentations. Thus, for businesses looking to improve their data spreadsheets, could be the perfect tool.

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