Turn Blog Posts into Social Media Content with Lately AI

Last Updated:
November 9, 2021

Blog Posts into Social Media Content

One of the biggest lead generation sources businesses can utilize is social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok boast millions of users. Thus, using a carefully curated social media strategy can help your business get a solid ROI from digital marketing. However, just posting on social media isn’t enough. You should also consider turning blog posts into social media content to further your reach.

Now, this may seem difficult, however Lately AI is here to help. Not only is Lately a superb social media management tool, but it also offers valuable tools, analytics, reporting, and more to help your business prosper. Below are more details on how Lately helps you turn blog posts into social media content and share them across social media networks.

AI Content Generator

One of the best features of Lately is the AI content generator. This helps you easily transform blog posts into dozens of social media posts. The AI works to create short, effective snippets to share online and generate higher engagement. You can input your specific brand messaging and story ideals, then the AI will incorporate these into the writing model. This gives you social media posts that sound like your brand, even if you didn’t write them.

The AI also runs every post idea through audience pre-testing to ensure it will resonate with your audience demographic. An additional bonus is the ability to add keyword guidelines, meaning your social posts will be SEO optimized. Now, Latelys’ AI content generator doesn’t just work with blog posts. You can also use it to convert podcasts, videos or basic audio clips. The AI will also transcribe the entire file for you, allowing you to reuse it again. In the end, you can still alter and adjust the suggested posts. The more often you post through the Lately software, the more the AI learns about your tone, wording, and branding preferences.

Social Analytics

By using the Lately social analytic feature alongside the AI content generator, you can drastically improve your online presence. Not only does the AI learn from your audience engagement, but it also studies the reach of all posts. This way the Lately software can recommend additional marketing change to help your business reach even more potential customers. These recommendations could vary on each social media platform, so be sure to fully read through the suggestions.

The social analytics clearly show the impressions and pageviews across all accounts, by post. This enables you to quickly see which posts are performing and which aren’t. Lately, analytics will also see which keywords perform best and offer suggestions for future posts based on these keywords and related ones. Thus making it easier than ever to boost your social media SEO.

Approval Workflows

Even when using the AI content generator, you should review and approve every post before scheduling. Lately AI also offers optimized scheduling times. By using the analytics, the AI learns when is best to post on each social platform and will recommend these times. By changing the times you post, you can boost your engagement. Through the approval workflow feature, you can pre-schedule content for the weeks and months ahead.

Lately has a goal of being exceptional in products and service. Through their AI technology, social media marketing has never been easier. Pricing starts at $200 a month for single-user plans.  The key is looking at the hours you save in creating social media content and figure out the cost of that.  If it saves you 2-3 hours per week, that can be a huge gain of time and mental space!  Consider testing the AI features for yourself and turn blog posts into social media content for your business. Start by requesting a demo today to see how it works for yourself!

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