Walmart Automation: What is the Walmart Automation eCommerce Business Model

Last Updated:
March 14, 2023

Walmart Automation: What is the Walmart Automation eCommerce Business Model

Walmart like many other companies now offers an online marketplace for its users. Walmart Automation eCommerce business model tools are an important feature for Walmart sellers to use. Since the launch of the Walmart marketplace, over 150,000 sellers have started a store on the platform. This is a 66% increase in sellers since 2021, making it a very popular, yet competitive market. However, Walmart automation tools can make managing your storefront easier.

What is Walmart Automation?

Walmart automation systems help sellers by automating some business procedures. This helps free up time and resources so sellers can focus on growing their offering and increasing revenue. How this works on the Walmart marketplace is different from how you may imagine. Instead of using AI systems, Walmart automation systems mean that there is a team behind the scenes helping to manage and run your store. This can seem risky, but it does offer a range of benefits to you as the seller such as;

Focus on Key Details

Running a business, even one on a marketplace platform is time-consuming, and challenging. With the Walmart automation eCommerce business model, you can easily duties and focus on issues that need urgent attention. Meanwhile, someone else is working on those smaller issues and details for you.

Easier to Scale

By using Walmart Automation to handle smaller details and daily tasks, you can focus on developing new products or making product decisions. This can make a huge difference to the growth of your business.

More Revenue Opportunity

To successfully run your business on the Walmart marketplace, you must be available to answer questions, reload products, fulfill orders, and more. This is obviously time-consuming and relies on how much time you have to manage your storefront. However, with Walmart Automation, the team behind the scenes can handle most of these tasks, allowing you to focus elsewhere, while still earning revenue. The automation system alongside dropshipping technology means you can take a vacation while leaving your storefront open.

Expert Advice

The automation system has teams of virtual assistants on hand 24/7 who are experts in their fields. They have the skills and knowledge to help scale your store in just a few months and can answer any questions you may have throughout the journey.

How to Choose a Walmart Automation eCommerce Business Model

Understanding how a Walmart automation system can help grow your business is just the first step, next you need to select a service provider. It is never easy to trust someone with your money, thus, make sure that you look for the following traits before choosing.


Any automation service provider should be transparent about the fees and services. This is important as you don’t want to be promised one thing, and then not receive it. Do your research and read plenty of reviews to avoid hidden fees.

Realistic Timeline

Any automation service that promises you overnight success is likely not reliable or trustworthy. Business is an investment, and it takes time to be successful and to scale. Choose a service provider that can show you a detailed timeline with goals and marketing plans that will slowly increase your revenue.

Qualified Team Members

You must ensure that the professionals working on your storefront are qualified before hiring an automation eCommerce service provider. Look for a management team with industry specialists in dropshipping and the Walmart platform.

Reviews and Testimonials

As we mentioned, reading reviews is a crucial part of the selection process. Looking at what current and previous clients are saying can help you decide which company is best for your storefront needs.

Embracing the Walmart Automation eCommerce business method can allow you to generate passive income using the Walmart marketplace. Be aware there is an initial investment of capital required to get your storefront automation set up, however, this can vary from provider to provider. Most will provide you with a quote upfront along with the automation fee structure.

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