Web3 is Redefining the Future of Work

Last Updated:
September 20, 2022
Brian Wallace

Web3 is coming quicker than expected. Web3 is decentralizing and individuating the internet. The new web is expanding the internet from its origins of reading and writing to owning digital media. Technology like cryptocurrency, blockchain and non-fungible tokens or NFTs are all in Web3. 


Cryptocurrency allows people across the world to transfer money from across the world with no government regulations. Cryptocurrency isn't just a hypothetical version of money, it is beginning to become mainstream. Over 100 million people use some form of crypto as money, and thousands of businesses worldwide accept crypto as valid payment. The total current market cap of crypto is over 870 billion dollars. Crypto isn't fictitious, crypto represents real money with real and practical spending power. 


Crypto is the only Web3 ownership available, NFTs have been in the spotlight because of their perceived ignobility. NFTs are just like any media and duplicates can be made, but that doesn't invalidate their value. NFTs are a form of expression that can be worth money, just like any other form of expression 

Web3 is advancing the internet. Technological advancement also advances job opportunities, Projections show by 2025 there will be 12 million more job opportunities. Jobs like technologists have already gone up in demand by 128%, and a full-stack developer has gone up by 141%. Web3 occupations are also freer. Web3 work can be remote and doesn't have to rely on the 9-5 schedule.


Learn more about how Web3 is the future of work in the following infographic:

Web 3, Sovereignty, and the Future of Work
Source: Opolis.co

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