What Content Works Best on Facebook?

Last Updated:
April 23, 2024

What Content Works Best on Facebook?

Facebook continues to be one of the most popular social media platforms, which means it is also an effective platform for marketing. With over 2.8 billion active monthly users, your business should be using Facebook. Below we look at what content works best on Facebook so you can incorporate these strategies in your marketing plan.

How the Algorithm Works

To understand what content works best on Facebook, you must first understand how the algorithm works. Like most social media platforms, the Facebook algorithm uses a type of AI to control what users see which content. The AI uses each person’s interactions on the app to personalize each feed. The most recent algorithm focus is on assessing the credibility of news articles to reduce fake news and maintain its trusted position as a news source. Businesses must make sure to post regularly but avoid spamming posts to get their posts seen on the platform.

Best Types of Content to Use on Facebook

Facebook offers a range of post options for businesses, which means it can be difficult to decide which is best. However, a key consideration should be which type of content your audience interacts with the most, and how it can help you meet your marketing goals. All of the posts types below allow you to add links back to your website. This allows your audience to directly access exactly what you are showing, talking or writing about.

Text Posts

Previously known as “Status Updates” text posts are the oldest post type on Facebook. This type of post allows you to inform your audience of upcoming sales, product releases, and more. However, a simple text post is less likely to be pushed by the Facebook algorithm, and people are unlikely to stop and read anything longer than a sentence or two.

Photo Posts

These are great for showcasing your products and sales. A high-quality, eye-catching image with a short amount of text in the caption can help to drive traffic to your website. Furthermore, Facebook users are more likely to stop and look at the image if it stands out. Use images that are consistent with your brand, and follow the Facebook image guidelines for best results.

Video Posts

Video posts perform the best out of any content on Facebook currently. This is because users love to watch content, and videos typically eliminate the reading aspect. Create engaging videos with voiceovers or music to appeal to your audience. Additionally, add subtitles to your videos so that all users can enjoy them. For best results upload the videos directly to Facebook rather than adding a YouTube link.

Live Videos

Facebook Live videos allow you to engage directly with your audience. Often this results in a high level of engagement and can help you to strengthen your community. Make sure to alert your audience about when you will go live to generate the largest amount of potential viewers. Live videos can also be saved and posted as a regular video afterward.

Influencer Marketing on Facebook

Influencer marketing has exploded on platforms like Instagram and Tiktok, but it can be just as effective on Facebook as well. Working with other businesses or influencers within your niche can be highly profitable on Facebook. Utilize video content wherever possible to boost your brand and get eyes on your products. Influencers on Facebook are most effective when they are engaging with their audience directly. Thus, when looking for influencers consider the engagement vs reach of their posts.

The content that works best on Facebook is typically visual content, however, text posts can be effective if your audience interacts with them. Make sure to post regularly and experiment with timing, A/B testing, and types of posts. Then, review the analytics for each post to determine which is best for your business and audience.

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