What is Industrial Marketing? A Visual Guide

Last Updated:
February 1, 2022
Brian Wallace

Industrial marketing has far too long been neglected in the world of informative, engaging, and, dare we say, entertaining content.  


An astonishing 94% of B2B buyers research online before buying a product, so it is clearly worth it tone up your content marketing game and content marketing tips


It is clear however there are differences in industrial marketing. Not to be confused with consumer marketing, industrial marketing focuses on materials, products, and components used to manufacture other products.  This is why it is more complicated than marketing other industries.  


The ideal buyer of industrial marketing is an expert buyer purchasing complex products.  It is also very much a niche market. To add to the complexity, manufacturers need to protect their intellectual property and marketers are not in direct contact with the decision makers.  


The good news is that industrial marketing is still ripe for disruption.  Enter the world of industrial marketing today and be seen.  Learn more in the visual deep dive below:


Industrial Marketing

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