What is the Splice App and How Do You Use it?

Last Updated:
April 5, 2022

What is Splice App

When it comes to social media and marketing, video is valuable. Especially considering that around 55% of internet users watch videos online daily. However, creating quality video content can be time-consuming, thus many businesses don’t use video enough. Luckily, technology is here to help in the form of mobile video editing apps, like Splice. Keep reading to learn what the Splice app is and how it can help your business.

What is the Splice App?

Firstly, this highly-rated app is specifically for editing videos on the go. The Splice app allows users on iOS and Android to import video and enhance it on their phones. Many social media influencers, vloggers, and businesses embrace this app due to its user-friendly interface and its export abilities. Plus, the Splice app is completely free.

How to Use It

Using the Splice App is easy, especially for those who are used to social media platforms. Simply record a video on your mobile device, or transfer a video file to your phone. Then open the app and import the footage you wish to edit. Then, make your way through the editing steps and customize your video. Once you are done simply upload it directly to social media or save it to your device.

Key Features of the Splice App

There are various features that make this app ideal for video creators. This includes standard editing features and specialized editing features usually only available on a computer.  Below are just some of these features.

Trim and Crop

This is one of the most basic yet crucial features for any video editor. After all, you want to trim out any unnecessary footage. The Splice app allows users to easily trim the length of clips and also crop the footage to minimize background distractions.

Add Audio

Audio is key to a great video. This audio could be in the form of a voiceover, candid audio, music, or special sound effects. Now, Splice allows users to add all of this and even offers an extensive music library within the app. Additionally, iOS users can directly import music from their iTunes library, however, users should be careful of copyrights when choosing to do this. All of the music and audio in the Splice app should be licensed, so there is no worry about copyright.


While creating videos within the Splice App, users can also add a range of transitions. This enables users to create a seamless video with no harsh cuts between video clips, or still images and video. The transition effects include, swipe down, swipe across, crossfade, fade-to-black, honeycomb, and blur. Users can also determine how long the transition should take and exactly where to start it within the clip. Now, this isn’t a huge range of transitions but it is enough for editing on the go.

Enhance Videos

Users can even add specialized effects to their video creations through effects and enhancements. The options for this feature include 12 color filters, slow motion, double speed, and adding overlay text options. However, the best detail about this feature is that users can apply effects to just one section of the video, rather than the whole thing. This allows for extended creativity and customization.

Social Media Sharing

This is possibly the best feature of the Splice app. Once users finish creating and editing the video, they can upload it directly to social media. All they have to do is click the share icon and select their desired platform. Users can also opt to store the video on their devices.

Now, the Splice app isn’t as intricate or as good as a desktop video editing program. However, for an on-the-go editing option, Splice is the best option. The features within the app offer significant benefits for businesses, especially those looking to increase their video marketing on social media. For complex projects, you could even use Splice with your favorite desktop video editor.

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