What is TikTok Shop?

Last Updated:
October 24, 2023

What is TikTok Shop

With over 150 million users within the US, TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms. Thus, it makes sense that they have launched TikTok Shop, which is an in-app shopping feature. Keep reading to learn more about this new feature.

First, What is a TikTok Shop?

The TikTok Shop feature is an eCommerce option accessible directly within the TikTok platform. Merchants, brands, and creators can now display and sell products directly on the platform rather than sending viewers to another site. Furthermore, sellers can sell products in videos, live videos, and in the product showcase tab.

Who can use TikTok Shopping?

TikTok Shopping is available for most users within the UK, the US, and many Asian countries. However, different user types have access to different features and benefits.


Creators on the platform can promote products they love to their community. This allows creators to access another revenue stream through TikTok. Creators can browse, select, and add products from TikTok Shop to their content with just a few taps. They then get paid a commission through the TikTok Affiliate Program. Another advantage of TikTok Shop for creators is the ability to develop partnerships with brands by promoting their products organically.

Partner/Talent Agency

Partners work as talent agencies on TikTok, connecting brands and creators for partnerships on and off the platform. TikTok Shop helps connect partners with sellers and creators on the platform. Partners can use TikTok Shop to grow their client base by offering sellers and creators expert support in commerce. All partners gain access to dedicated training programs and monetized incentives.


Any brand on TikTok can become a seller. They simply set up their account and link their eCommerce store platform, then add their products. The integrated in-app checkout helps to drive sales as users are not directed off the platform. Sellers gain access to a range of promotional tools, and can collaborate with creators through the Affiliate Program. Furthermore, the TikTok Shop App Store makes managing your products, shopfront, and order fulfillment easy as it integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, CommerceCloud, BigCommerce, and more.


Any user can be a shopper, simply click on the Shop tab to start. Then, browse through the products on your recommended pages, or search for something specific. As with your standard For You Page, your shopping feed will begin to recommend items based on your viewing history. Users can also click and shop from any promotional video, all without leaving the TikTok app.

How to Make the Most of TikTok Shop as a Seller?

As a seller, you’ll want to generate as much traffic as possible to your products. Use these tips to help drive traffic and conversions.


Focus on quality and style when uploading your product images. Remember the aesthetic of your brand on TikTok should be reflected in your TikTok Shop as well. Make sure to keep product titles under 34 characters, and add additional details in the description. Just be aware that links in descriptions will not be clickable.


Make sure you take the time to promote your products and storefront to your audience. Make TikTok content linking to your shop and specific products regularly. Get creative with your content, and use viral sounds and video trends to feature on the For You Page.

Partner with Influencers

As TikTok is a social platform, consider working with influencers within your product niche. After all, influencer marketing is one of the most effective campaign types on social media. This is because social media users trust influencers as they are viewed as more authentic than a standard ad.

TikTok Shop has the potential to become a key eCommerce platform, especially as access continues to roll out worldwide. Take advantage of this new feature and apply for your seller account today.

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