Why You Should Choose a Business Grade Printer

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December 5, 2022
Brian Wallace

Despite the increasingly technological world we live in, companies in all sectors are heavily reliant on paper printers to save hard copies in their business. Over half of businesses in the United States claim that they cannot operate without a printer. Given how these companies use printers for internal and external use, there are no signs of the demand slowing down. 

However, the lack of reliability from ink printers is causing businesses to struggle to decrease their operating margins as 53% of ink printers break down at least once a month. This is further dragging businesses into smaller profit margins. As ink printers are showing less reliability, businesses are looking for alternative solutions to increase the quality of their operation while lowering the costs to do so. 

How to Evaluate Your Printing Options

Businesses evaluating their options should be cognizant of the different printer's maximum pixelization and cost-effectiveness. As they do so, they should look more into laser printers since they are known for their long-term reliability. Unlike ink printers that cost thousands of dollars in annual ink and insulin costs, laser printers only cost $0.075 for printer ink and $0.05 for insulin which compounds to only a couple hundred dollars annually (in comparison to inkjet printers). Laser printers are able to achieve more cost efficiency by using fine powder and toning it by melting the substance into the paper. This makes printing more scalable whereas inkjet printers solely use ink that is painted on paper. 


This process allows laser printing to increase the speed at which inkjet printers print out the paper since they also have higher-capacity paper trays. Consumers and business owners that are looking to increase the volume of their printing, lower operating and maintenance costs, and decrease the duration of paper printing, should highly look further into investing in laser printers.

Learn more about choosing the best small business printer in the visual deep dive below, courtesy of Lexmark GO Line:

Stop Making Your Business Printer an Afterthought
Source: Lexmark.com

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