Window Replacement Costs Save Money On Your Home

Last Updated:
February 7, 2023
Brian Wallace

Windows play a massive role in keeping hot or cold air in your home and preventing it from escaping. Nearly half of your utility bill goes towards keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, making quality, insulating windows vital to helping keep energy costs down. By replacing a single pane window with a double pane window, you can passively start saving upwards of $300 every year, and when replacing with a triple pane window, that number jumps to $500 every year.

The more windows that you replace this way, the more your energy efficiency increases. Replacing windows also has a nearly 70% return on investment - that’s $6,750 back in your pocket for every $10,000 spent on new windows. Low emissivity glass, or low-e glass, can all but eliminate harmful rays of sunlight and increase the thermal efficacy of a building. This glass reduces fading by up to 75%, as well as blocking nearly all damaging UV rays. Energy efficient windows are also cheaper and more effective than other home renovations, such as water heaters and dishwashers.


Windows also directly add value to your home - installing new vinyl windows could add as much as $12,000 to your home’s selling price. Modern buyers are looking for Energy Star certified windows as the majority say that these windows are essential and want insulating windows that protect against UV rays.

Learn more about how professionally installation the best investment for greater comfort. Window replacement costs otherwise can be significant and doing it right helps you toward a smaller carbon footprint. More in the infographic below:


The Value of Windows

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