3 Factors Employees Are Looking For In Employers In 2023

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June 19, 2023
Kay Nicole

3 Factors Employees Are Looking For In Employers In 2023

Finding talented individuals can be an exciting process. It indicates that a business is succeeding, and more support is needed. With reportedly 517,000 jobs being added in January by employers across the states, the search for new team members continues.

Many would assume it was the employers that would be the ones picking and choosing the best of the bunch. However, it is the candidates that are the ones that are making the decisions. Individuals will have lists of desired factors they look for in an employer.

Here are three factors that employees are looking for in employers in 2023.

Opportunities For Growth

Budding professionals, especially those starting in their careers, are hungry to learn. Driven by a desire to expand their knowledge and gain experience, rising professionals know more about what it takes to thrive within their chosen industry. When looking for a role that could feed this hunger, they look for employers that provide opportunities for growth for their employees.

Companies can offer opportunities for growth in multiple ways. One could be allowing their employees to explore different aspects of the business to learn more about the different components that enable a company to operate. It could be by providing training sessions or enrolling employees in courses to develop their skills and learn new techniques, which they can apply to their work. Showing potential candidates that the company is willing to invest in its employees and provide growth opportunities is appealing to individuals interested in applying.

Additional Support Available

Of course, life can throw many obstacles our way. Many of these hurdles can be unexpected, and we must adapt accordingly. Whilst many will try to keep their personal and professional life separate, there will be occasions where our personal lives impact how we work. Depending on the role, many employees want to know if they will have support should they encounter a health issue or sustain an injury that impacts their ability to work.

Understandably, experiencing a health scare or injury of some kind is a stressful experience. The thought of not working and losing pay only contributes. As a business leader, you should estimate your workers' comp needs. This allows you to get a quote so you can invest in a policy. Showing that you have workers' compensation coverage indicates that the business cares for its employees. This helps entice potential candidates to apply for vacant roles.

Regular Employee Recognition

Supporting employees through growth and if something were to occur will likely entice talented individuals to apply to a company. Another supportive factor employers can do that employees are interested in is regular recognition. Employees are a vital component of a company's success. Their dedication and hard work help move the company closer to its next goal.

When employers recognize employees' hard work, it can be uplifting to those being recognized. It shows them that the time and effort they have put into their work has not gone unnoticed. Experiencing this recognition can motivate individuals to continue performing at the high level they have been. For others, it encourages them to increase their performance to receive the same recognition.

Employers that offer some of the above factors and other qualities are more likely to attract potential candidates to open roles. Employees prefer companies that offer a purpose in their work. Furthermore, if you implement new ways to support and encourage employees, the next job vacancy role might see a rise in the talented individuals applying.

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