7 Daily Habits to Increase Your Productivity at Work

Last Updated:
April 26, 2022

increase productivity at work

Does your daily routine leave you feeling tired and burnt out? Or, maybe you just find it difficult to motivate yourself? You are not alone in feeling this way. As the pressures of life build up, we quite often find ourselves overwhelmed and unproductive. Below are seven daily habits to increase your productivity at work that you can easily implement.

1. Focus on Your Sleep

Did you know that over 37% of Americans get less sleep than is recommended? This not only impacts your health but also your productivity throughout the day. Therefore, it is beneficial to set a bedtime routine, and not use devices in bed.  Instead, read a book or only go to bed when it is time to sleep. Additionally, many people also set their alarm earlier, then hit snooze several times before actually getting up. This confuses your body and disrupts your sleep patterns, making you feel more tired not less. Aim to set your alarm for 10-15 minutes later and get up instead of hitting snooze.

2. Eat Breakfast

You’ve likely heard the statement ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ and it’s true. Studies show that skipping breakfast has a negative impact on your short-term memory, and reduces cognitive performance. These both have a dramatic impact on your productivity. Now, you don’t need to cook a full breakfast, but having a yogurt, piece of fruit or even a protein bar can help start your day off better.

3. Take Small Breaks

Taking a short break of 5 minutes or less every hour can help refresh the mind and boost creativity. So, consider a quick walk around the office, or a trip to refill your drink once an hour to get you away from your desk for a moment.

4. Celebrate Achievements

Set yourself some small goals each day, then celebrate when you hit them. This helps give your endorphins a boost, thus improving happiness and productivity. Now, these goals can be as simple as remembering breakfast, making your lunch, or using the stairs. Or, they can be harder tasks like completing a client project early or submitting a proposal.

5. Plan Out Your Day

Planning out your day takes very little time and can be done the night before, or first thing in the morning. Many people find it easiest to plan the next day before their workday ends using post-it notes or a notepad. This allows you to create a to-do list of tasks you already know about and gives you time to prioritize tasks. This not only helps clear your mind at the end of the workday but also removes the mental struggle the next morning.

6. Say No

Saying ‘no’ can be difficult, especially at work. However, overcommitting is a huge drain on your productivity. Keep in mind what projects you are currently working on, and how much work is left before committing to another. By having less on your plate, you can be more productive and focus on the quality of your work. This not only decreases your stress levels but also helps with your career growth.

7. Stay Positive

This is often harder than you think, but positive thinking can have a huge impact on your productivity. Whenever you hit a rough patch, step back and make a plan on how to move forward again. This will help you evaluate the situation with a clear head and approach it with a better attitude. Having a better attitude at work will help you have a better day and be more productive overall.

The most common perception of productivity is that you must complete many things within a short timeframe. While this can be true, it is not the only measure of productivity. In fact, true productivity is being able to complete projects to a high standard in a short amount of time. So, rather than focus on how much you get done, you should also focus on how well you do it. Above are easily actionable daily habits to increase your productivity at work. Start implementing some of them into your day to see how your productivity improves.

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