4 Ways to Grow More Instagram Followers

Last Updated:
July 12, 2022

Grow More Instagram Followers

Instagram is a great platform for businesses to create a social presence and drive traffic to their websites. The larger your audience, the more conversions you can generate through engagement and content. However, if you are a new business, or just new to Instagram, you may not have as many followers as you want. Below are several ways to grow more Instagram followers to boost your business.

1. Optimize Your Profile

Before you start to post and generate content on Instagram, optimize your profile correctly. Pick a username that is easy to remember, search-friendly and on-brand. Often businesses simply use their business name, however, if it isn’t available choose something your customers can recognize. You must ensure that your bio is correctly filled and that your profile picture represents your brand.

One key detail to remember in your bio is the one link you can add. This link should direct visitors to a key product landing page to maximize conversions. Many businesses simply link to their homepage, which works, but using a specific landing page can increase sales conversions. Additionally, you can change your bio link as often as you wish, so every time you have new products available, you can link to them.

2. Have a Content Calendar

One of the best ways to grow more Instagram followers is to post content consistently. This ensures that people that are already following you regularly see your content, and Instagram will also push your content to the explore page. Research the best times to post for your industry and aim to post no more than twice a day on your feed. Remember to include different types of content in your plan including;

  • Photos
  • Reels
  • Videos
  • Photo Carousels

To stick to your schedule, consider using a social media scheduling tool. This allows you to batch create content and schedule it ahead of time.

3. Start a Conversation and Create Buzz

To make your audience aware of your brand, it is time to start a conversation. Nowadays, shoppers use social media to contact, and research brands. When visiting your Instagram page, they will look through your posts, captions and read previous comments from other followers. Therefore, starting a conversation using your posts and captions, can encourage new visitors to subscribe. However, you must also ensure that you follow through and respond to the comments. This not only increases interest in your brand but helps to build trust and relatability with your audience.

Use trending sounds to help increase views, but be sure to focus on those that relate to your industry. This may require getting creative, but it can definitely pay off by generating a buzz.

4. Use Hashtags Wisely

If you want to succeed on Instagram, hashtags are a key component. Users on Instagram use hashtags to search and find new products, services, and brands. Therefore, you should ensure that you find the best hashtags for your industry and products. Firstly, you should find hashtags that are relevant but not too populated. This will give your brand a better chance of standing out when someone searches. If you opt to collaborate with other brands or influencers, consider creating a specific hashtag to generate interest.

The journey to grow more Instagram followers can be a long one, however, the end results are worth it. The slower you grow, the more direct engagement you are able to have with your audience and the higher your ROI is likely to be. So, focus on creating great content that appeals to your audience and engaging with them in the comments and in DMs.

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