5 Best Restream Alternatives for Live Stream Software

Last Updated:
July 5, 2022

alternatives for live stream software

Live streaming is now a popular way for creators and businesses to engage with their audiences. One of the most popular software options is Restream, however, it doesn’t work well for all uses. For example, to live stream longer than an hour, you must have a paid membership. In these situations, you may want to consider one of the alternatives for live stream software below.

1. StreamYard

StreamYards live stream software is very similar in function and usability to Restream. This software allows users to broadcast content to multiple platforms simultaneously with ease. It is also a web-based application, meaning users do not need to download software. Users also have the option to stream live video or pre-recorded video, as well as embed audio files.

With a simple interface, users can easily add opening and closing videos to live streams or other videos. Additionally, with StreamYard, users can draw on the screen in real-time, similar to Google hangouts adding an extra communication feature for content creators.

2. Wave.Video Live

The Wave.Video live stream software allows users to invite guests, customize broadcasts, and post on multiple platforms at once. In addition to streaming in multiple places, users can also use multiple video cameras at once. This allows the user to switch between different camera angles throughout the stream.  With Wave.Video users also have the option to create custom branding to boost brand recognition. There are stream overlay options, greenscreen features, banners, and more. Finally, users have the option to customize the backend view of their live stream. From controlling the camera angles to adding backgrounds or adjusting the chat box, managing your live stream is easy.

3. Be.Live

The Be.Live live stream software is designed for business and professional use. One of the biggest benefits of this is that users can easily create a live stream with multiple users. All users invited are shown on screen and can chat or interact via video, audio, and text chat. In addition to this viewers can send messages via the chat function, or submit audio questions. This is a great feature for businesses looking to do Q&A sessions, or content creators looking to collaborate in real-time.

Be.Live also integrates seamlessly with YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook for high-quality live stream sessions. Users have the ability to add pre-recorded videos, or audio to live videos and can also insert graphics and captions.

2. Melon

This small live stream software is new to the market, emerging during the early days of the pandemic. Melon is based on simplicity and ease of use, making live streaming easy for anyone. Users simply log in with their Google or Facebook accounts to start streaming. The web-based software integrates with Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch simultaneously allowing users to reach their audience on these platforms.  Users can also completely customize their background, banners, captions, and more. This is especially important for creators looking to build their brand and stand out.

Along with live chat features, Melon also has a donation option. This allows the audience to donate to the creator without leaving the live stream.

5. Resi

As one of the more technological software options on the market, Resi uses peer-to-peer broadcasting technology. This enables the creator to send video directly from their device to the cloud, thus avoiding bandwidth issues. The result is a smooth, uninterrupted feed for the audience. Users simply share the live stream link with their audience. However, there is also the option for a private or member-only stream. With this option, users can set a password to ensure exclusivity, as only those with the link and password will have access.

Resi also encourages audience participation during the live stream through interactive features. Some of these features include a live chat, poll options, and links.

Live streaming is a great way to get the attention of your audience and communicate directly with them. It can also help your business or brand gain recognition, and become an authority within your industry. Test the alternatives for live stream software above to find the one that suits your needs best. Then, start streaming.

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