6 Best ChatGPT AI Chrome Extensions for Productivity

Last Updated:
June 6, 2023

6 Best ChatGPT AI Chrome Extensions for Productivity

ChatGPT is a powerful natural language AI tool, that is quickly gaining popularity within a variety of industries. It can answer questions and generate content quickly making it a useful tool, especially for marketers. Below we look at six of the best ChatGPT AI Chrome extensions that can help boost productivity when using this tool.

1.ChatGPT for Google

This Chrome extension brings the capabilities of ChatGPT directly to search engines. ChatGPT for Google allows you to see ChatGPT answers directly next to the regular search engine results. Thus, giving you a more accurate and relevant response to your Google queries. This extension also allows you to chat with ChatGPT about both the query and the answers given and has a custom trigger mode.

2. Merlin

The Merlin Chrome extension is beneficial for almost everyone from busy executives to freelancers and students. With just a single click or quick access keys Ctrl+M or (Cmd+M on Mac) you can integrate ChatGPT into any website you wish to help you complete any tasks you have. Frequent uses of Merlin include:

  • Editing emails
  • Crafting tweets
  • Create YouTube video summaries with ease
  • Summarize blog posts into bullet points
  • Create content for Facebook or LinkedIn
  • Respond to questions and comments on social media

3. Trancy

The Trancy ChatGPT Chrome extension allows viewers to subtitle foreign videos. Better yet, this extension works with both Netflix and YouTube. Trancy’s bilingual subtitles are ideal for supporting multilingual learning with two modes; practice and reading. Thus, making it a great tool for those studying a new language or just being curious. This helpful AI tool also gives users the option to create a learning repository with saved videos, sentences, and words for further revision.


The AIPRM Chrome extension offers single-click prompts for a variety of topics. This allows you to quickly find the right resource for SEO, marketing, copywriting, and much more. This extension offers an easy-to-use list of curated prompts from top prompt engineering experts to increase productivity. Furthermore, AIRPM offers custom list options, custom writing tone, and a favorites option. These features allow you to use ChatGPT more effectively without needing to curate detailed prompts from scratch.

5. TextCortex Zeno

The TextCortex Zeno Chrome extension helps you to create content that feels authentic. Furthermore, it provides assistance at every step of the writing process to ensure the best overall results. TextCortex Zeno allows writers to create content in seconds and offers a range of tools for customization and paraphrasing content. Popular uses of TextCortex Zeno include:

  • Drafting emails
  • Creating engaging social media copy
  • Writing ad copy for Facebook and Google Ads
  • Creating product descriptions
  • SEO-optimized blog posts

6. Voice Control of ChatGPT

The Voice Control Chrome extension allows you to use voice conversations to communicate with ChatGPT. There is a simple button next to the input option that allows for voice recordings. This is then sent to ChatGPT just like a standard typed query. For those who struggle with typing, Voice Control is an extremely useful extension, especially when utilizing ChatGPT.

The ChatGPT Chrome extensions above allow you to increase your productivity while sourcing content through the AI’s capabilities. Better yet, you have access to all these smart tools in your web browser which minimizes distractions. Using the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions can allow your business to get the most out of the AI tool, without needing to spend hours learning how to prompt it. After all, with just a few clicks, you could have an entire blog post written, or a full translation of a video in a variety of languages.

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