A Business’s Guide to Improving Network Speeds

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March 1, 2023
Kay Nicole

A Business’s Guide to Improving Network Speeds

The business world relies on the internet in 2023, which is why achieving high network speeds at all times is essential. When a business loses internet or suffers sluggish download speeds, its entire operation is impacted and it will likely miss out on delivering excellent customer service, which will damage the bottom line. Luckily, there are many ways to increase network speeds, as you will see below.

Check for Fiber Lines

At the moment, fiber broadband is the fastest internet provision available, so start by checking which type of connection you have. If you’re still using standing copper lines, get in touch with your local broadband provider and explore fiber upgrades. If you have fiber, explore the difference between FTTC and other fiber connection types, as you may still need an upgrade to get more out of your line.

Resetting Your Network

Every piece of hardware you use in your business needs to be reset regularly, as it helps to jump-start the system and improve functionality. Your network connection is no different, which is why turning your router on and off solves the majority of connectivity problems. While you’re busy resetting the network, take the opportunity to upgrade old hardware and change security measures. The speed increase most likely won’t be too noticeable, but it’s a good habit to get into.

Equipment Upgrades

If your business has been around for a while, you’re most likely still using old broadband equipment, which will slow down your speed. Hardware like modems, routers, and POE switches should be upgraded regularly to ensure you’re operating the latest technology. These days, the cost of installing more powerful tech is relatively low, but the reward will be noticeably faster network speeds.

Bandwidth Limitations

Every device on your network uses bandwidth to operate online. However, the more stretched your total bandwidth is, the slower the speeds will be. Therefore, you can log into the router’s settings dashboard and input bandwidth limitations. By doing this, you can make sure that every device on the network receives a fair bandwidth.

Install a Mesh

Wi-Fi signals are reliant on waves being received from a router or booster. However, devices further away from the router will experience lower speeds. To combat this, you can install a mesh, which is a system of devices designed to spread consistent Wi-Fi signals throughout your property. However, you should keep in mind that a high-end mesh will set you back well over $1K.

Opting for a Leased Line

When your property receives internet from the provider, it’s typically shared between nearby properties. Receiving internet through a shared line will bring down your network speed. This is because it needs to account for other property usage. Luckily, if you speak to your internet provider, you can have a leased line. This runs directly from the provider to your property.

Going Wired

Wi-Fi makes accessing the internet easy. But, it isn’t the most efficient means because you have to account for signal drops and blockers. Ethernet, on the other hand, has zero chances of interference between the line and your device. This of course makes the connection more stable. If you have the capacity to, changing your network to a wired one will reduce latency and increase speed. Thus, help to boost productivity.

Going 5G

In some cases, a business property may just be in an area that has notoriously poor fixed-line network speeds. However, this doesn’t mean mobile connectivity is poor as well, especially if 5G has been rolled out at the location. With the power of 5G, a business would be able to connect its entire operation at incredible speeds.

If you’ve been facing slow network speeds for some time, these eight tips will help you solve the problem and get back to work. Before making any significant changes, always attempt to solve issues in-house by resetting your network. Ensure you also set bandwidth limiters, upgrade hardware, and convert to a wired connection.

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