Anonymous Data Tracking: Marketing Without Cookies

Last Updated:
February 20, 2022
Brian Wallace

Businesses with an online presence rely on many different online tracking tools in order to assist in their marketing strategies. Companies use things like cookies and tags in order to collect information about users' interactions with a website. These tracking systems allow for companies to see what ads the users click on, what websites they visit, and what links they click in order to get to the websites. All of these help businesses with their marketing efforts, but not everyone is comfortable with their data being tracked.


Users must consent to having their information tracked by businesses, and many businesses have faced hefty fines for violating users' privacy. Some of the biggest companies in the world like Google, Amazon, and Facebook have faced lawsuits for failure to obtain consent for information gathering, failure to provide privacy notices, and aggressive marketing practices. To avoid facing further scrutiny, businesses are now switching to alternative marketing strategies that prioritize users’ privacy. 


Cookieless data measurement capabilities allows businesses to measure data using geo-testing and obtains information with the full knowledge and consent of users.  Anonymous data without cookies collects information purely from page clicks and completed transactions meaning there are no unique identifiers that are collected. This means that users are protected against their personal information being collected by third parties. 


Protecting your personal data is important, especially online when businesses are looking to collect information to help their marketing strategies. With the switch to anonymous data collection, you can rest assured that your information is protected. Learn more about anonymous data tracking in the infographic below:

Data Collection in a Post-Cookie World
Source: InfoTrust

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