Best AI Marketing Tools for 2023

Last Updated:
April 4, 2023

Best AI Marketing Tools

Smart businesses are using artificial intelligence (AI) marketing to help grow their reach. In this article, we look at some of the best AI marketing tools your business should consider using this year.

First, why use AI for marketing?

Modern marketing is all about data. As a business, you need to use information about your competitors, market trends, and your customers to help drive sales and marketing. Luckily AI makes this process much simpler and scaling much faster. Some techniques include sentiment analysis to aggregate positive product reviews. Whereas competitor analysis can keep you up to date with rival brands. Furthermore, AI can help you to improve the ROI of your marketing campaigns and even write creative copy.

Jasper AI

Previously known as Jarvis, Jasper AI is great for copywriting. This AI is remarkably good at creating a copy in various tones and styles on any topic. While you will still need to edit and change the copy to ensure readability, Jasper is perfect for early drafts. Its natural language processing is best used to help you get started with blog creation. Jasper has a simple and intuitive dashboard, is inexpensive, and certainly helps to speed up the creation process. Try a free trial today to see if Jasper works for your business needs.

Surfer SEO

Ranking on search engines is important for all businesses, and Surfer SEO can help with this. You simply write the content piece, and Surfer SEO will assess and score the content according to keyword density, readability, length, headers, and other aspects. Once the software assesses your content, it will offer actionable insights from keyword suggestions to content structure. Surfer SEO has its own text editor and a copy-paste function for quick analysis. As you edit your work, you’ll notice your SEO improving in real time. Furthermore, Surfer SEO integrates with Jasper, WordPress, Google Docs, and more.


This platform is known as a writer's assistant and is designed for marketing teams. Writer is a collaborative tool and has many of the same text editing tools as Word, along with extra features. Some of the extra features include autocorrect, autocomplete, grammar, and clarity checks. Writer also includes a range of intelligence tools to maintain brand tone, including a database of approved terminology. The AI is more of a background tool, offering suggestions rather than rewriting copy for you.


This AI tool is designed to ensure the customer journey is smooth from the first visit through to conversion. Fullstory uses AI to track each cursor move, click, and page visit to create each customer's personal story. This is then compared with every other visitor to the website to derive insight and find any website issues. Fullstory leverages the processing power and scalability of AI automation to discover opportunities quicker than human observations.


Zapier is a process integration tool that allows you to build connections and set up marketing automation between different systems. This can help your business save time, promote efficiency and save money. All automation can be set up with no coding, and Zapier even has various templates to speed things up. There are over 3000 integrations, and workflows can even have various branches at different touchpoints. AI works behind the scenes interpreting signals to trigger processes instantaneously.

AI marketing tools can offer various benefits to your business processes. Consider integrating the applications above to reach more customers, save money, and increase productivity. Many of the tools above offer a free trial, so give them a try to see how they help your business.

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