How to Get More Positive Reviews for your eCommerce Business

Last Updated:
September 6, 2022

Get More Positive Reviews for your eCommerce Business

Businesses face various challenges in the digital age, especially as online shopping becomes commonplace. In the digital age, consumers are influenced by online reviews more than ever before. In fact, 79% of consumers admit to trusting online reviews just as much as personal recommendations from friends and family. Thus, having more positive reviews for your eCommerce business can increase sales and boost your brand. Below are several tips to increase your online reviews.

Provide an Exceptional Online Shopping Experience

Over half of consumers that leave a review, leave it because the product or experience was excellent. Closely following this, however, is 38% that leave a review due to a bad experience or product. Focus on improving and maintaining the quality of your products to ensure consumers are happy with them. Furthermore, focus on improving the customer journey on your eCommerce store. If the shopping experience is easy, and the checkout process seamless, your sales and customer satisfaction will increase. With this, reviews also increase.

Ask for Feedback After Purchases

This may seem straightforward, but many businesses don’t do it. By directly asking your consumers to leave a review, you increase the number of reviews you get. This is simply due to the fact that many consumers don’t think about it once their product arrives. Consider creating an automated email asking buyers to review their products and experience. Set this up to arrive after the products should have been delivered, to avoid negative feedback or being ignored. Encourage honest feedback and ensure your customer service team handles any review professionally.

Have Multiple Review Platform Options

As you already know, positive reviews are great to generate trust in your brand and business. As your business has an online presence on various platforms, you should ensure your customers can view reviews on all of them. After all, some consumers may only follow you on Instagram, whereas others may only visit your website. Thus, when requesting feedback ensure you give customers options on where to leave a review. Provide direct links to make the process as simple as possible for them.

Make Reviewing Easy

Having a simple process for reviews can drastically increase the number of reviews you get. After all, if reviewing actually only takes a few clicks, consumers are much more likely to do it. Consider having a star rating and review system on your eCommerce store, with the option of adding a comment, rather than requiring a comment. When people opt to leave a comment on any review platform ensure you acknowledge it. This includes any negative feedback, as your response dictates how potential and current customers view your customer service and business.

Offer incentives

Consumers love a good deal, thus, offering a discount coupon for their next purchase when they review can help. Or, instead of offering a coupon every time, have a digital raffle wheel that pops up when they submit their review. This is fun for the consumer, and they have a chance to win various free items or get a discount on their order. Over time, this option is often more affordable for businesses, as consumers aren’t always getting a discount code for their next order.

Use the techniques above to get more positive reviews for your eCommerce business. Focus on your customer service and website usability to increase customer satisfaction while ensuring you offer high-quality products. Don’t get discouraged by negative feedback, instead, respond professionally and offer solutions to show that your business does care.

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