Claude or ChatGPT-4: Which AI Tool Provides More Value

Last Updated:
July 11, 2023

Claude or ChatGPT-4: Which AI Tool Provides More Value

AI tools are one of the biggest trends in the digital space. In fact, many businesses are now considering how they can implement AI into their process and procedures. ChatGPT-4 is the most popular, however, Anthropic recently released Claude to compete, and compete it does! This article looks at what Claude and ChatGPT-4 offer to see which AI tool provides the most value.

What is Claude?

Created by the American company Anthropic, Claude is advanced artificial intelligence software that acts as a personal assistant. Similar to ChatGPT-4, Claude is a type of large language model. These models work by predicting what should come next by analyzing a previous sequence. Claude is accessible via a chat interface and API within the Anthropic developer console.

Claude or ChatGPT?

With both Claude and ChatGPT-4 offering similar functions, how do you know which is best for your needs? Below we look at and compare the two AI tools to help make your decision easier. If you want to use both easily, then you should consider a tool like which offers easy access to both.

Which has a deeper context window?

At the time of this article's publishing, ChatGPT-4 has a context window of roughly 4000 words, which is enough to hold a conversation or write a piece of content. However, it can’t summarize a book, or find an error in a coding project. Claude on the other hand, has a context window of roughly 75,000 words. This is a substantially larger context window than ChatGPT-4 and means that Claude can better analyze issues and answer questions.

Which has better output results?

When both AI tools were asked the same questions, ChatGPT-4 performed better than Claude for coding problems, general output formatting, and result explanations. However, Claude performed better at following instructions, answering trivia questions, and creative tasks.

Which is better at retrieving information?

At Claude has a larger context window, it is more likely to be faster, and more accurate than ChatGPT-4 in retrieving information. This is a benefit for businesses looking to use the AI tool to scan documents and find errors, or to pull pertinent information from documents. However, ChatGPT-4 is effective at scanning smaller chunks of information and can also analyze images.

Basic Capabilities of ChatGPT-4

  • Precise and accurate compared to many other AI tools
  • Can understand test input and analyze images
  • Is able to answer basic questions relating to any field of study
  • Can crack most standardized examinations
  • Is training in 26 languages

Basic Capabilities of Claude

  • Can hold open-ended conversations on various subjects
  • Is able to write fictional stories, poems, and jokes
  • Can answer basic questions precisely in a range of subjects including entertainment, history, geography, and algebra.
  • Will admit when it does not have the answer to a question, or if the request is outside of its capabilities.
  • Declines inappropriate requests
  • User-friendly and has a refined writing style

Limitations of ChatGPT-4

  • Generates false information and often has inconsistent answers
  • Cannot create fictional stories about the future
  • Only provides answers to logical questions, can not explain the logic in detail

Limitations of Claude

  • Generates inconsistent and false statements and answers
  • Cannot answer complicated mathematical equations
  • Often offers vague follow-up responses
  • Lacks proficiency in coding languages that are not Python

Both Claude and ChatGPT-4 have their advantages and disadvantages, as all new technology does. Thus, one is not substantially better than the other, though Claude does have a larger context window. Right now both AI tools require you to double-check their work and fact-check their answers. However, utilizing these AI tools can help your business to streamline content creation by writing first drafts, or analyzing content for you.

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