Create an App for your Business with these No Code App Builder Tools

Last Updated:
February 3, 2022

No Code App Builder

No code platforms are a category of tools that level the app playing field for creators, artists, and businesses alike. These no code app builder tools can help anyone to create apps they’ve only dreamed of before. Below are the most popular no code app builders you should consider for your next project.


This is one of the most popular platforms for quick no code app building. Shoutem lets you arrange and build your app using pre-built templates that are easy to edit, tweak and customize to fit your needs. Users can simply drag and drop items into templates to create the app of their dreams. The templates are modern and there are options for eCommerce sites, content sites, loyalty apps, events, and more. Shoutem also offers a whitelabel reseller program making it a great option for agencies and freelancers working with clients. Pricing begins at $49 per/month for Android usability and $79 per month for iOS usability.


This no code app builder is able to solve multiple problems that businesses face. Users can create software for project management, tasks, docs, timelines, remote team management, and more. ClickUp is highly customizable allowing users to create custom dashboards for any type of project. Users can also use additional resource planning to bring together business units and time management into one app. The simple templates utilize drag and drop features to create useful apps without coding. ClickUp also offers a forever-free plan with 100MB of storage, unlimited tasks, and unlimited members. Paid plans start at $5 per user, per month.

Appy Pie

This is a simple DIY tool allowing users to easily create a mobile app without needing to code. Appy Pie offers various templates for restaurants, churches, small businesses, eCommerce stores, and real estate apps, using a drag and drop app building software. Users can add push notifications, monetize with ads, connect with shopping carts and payment gateways. Most uniquely, Appy Pie offers an AR/VR app builder, which with a rise in AR in eCommerce could your business. Part of this feature includes an AR scanner and 3D object positioning. Pricing for Appy Pie starts at just $18 per month. Additional charges include $25 for submission to the Google Play Store, or $99 for Apple Pay Store.


The Airtable no code app builder can help you manage your data. Users can use one of the prebuilt apps, upload their data and create an integrated workflow with ease. All apps built on this have both mobile and web-friendly user interfaces, allowing users to collaborate in real-time. Airtable offers a robust API for easy access to content, project and content calendars, integration tools, and allows real-time edits and comments. The free plan offers unlimited bases, 1200 records, and 2GB of attachments. Paid plans start at $10 per user per month.


This all-in-one no code app builder supports collaborative teamwork. This allows users to create potent apps and databases for their business needs. Kintone also allows you to design CRM apps for sales teams, create expense reports for accounting, or create a social media calendar for marketing. This allows businesses to clearly see all the data in a central dashboard. The smooth user experience makes the CRM web apps easy to use for collaboration. Thus, allowing businesses to create streamlined business processes. Pricing begins at $24 per month for businesses and $15 per month for education or non-profit organizations.

No code app builders are great for businesses looking to build custom apps for their business, either for internal use or promotional. Developing a simple and effective mobile app no longer requires programmers. However, hiring a programmer may still be necessary for more detailed apps.

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