Create Customer Loyalty Through Outstanding Online Order Packaging

Last Updated:
January 21, 2023
Kay Nicole

Create Customer Loyalty Through Outstanding Online Order Packaging

Making a great impression is key to finding success in e-commerce. If the brand isn’t trustworthy or has an unappealing reputation, shoppers tend to look elsewhere. After all, there is an overabundance of websites and sellers for them to choose from in our hyper-competitive online world.

To stand out from the crowd and prove your brand deserves customer loyalty, it’s essential to make the right investments. One business strategy you’d be remiss to overlook is the art of outstanding packaging, which can be greatly enhanced with the help of FROMM strapping solutions. Online order packaging has more potential to inspire customer loyalty than some may believe. In fact, more than half of surveyed online shoppers say receiving an order in custom packaging makes them more likely to place future orders with that company.

Fortunately, there are many routes available to improve packaging. To start, there’s enhancing the appearance through creative design and improved durability. The package should be more than just a plain box. Instead, it should evoke positive feelings — such as the joy of opening a gift — and work to foster a stronger relationship between the customers and your brand.

There’s also augmenting what’s inside. For instance, packaging inserts can make a lasting impact on customers. Whether it’s something as simple as an invitation to connect via social media or thank-you note, these inserts can be powerful yet still cost effective. Many companies choose to go a step further by using coupon codes for related items, customized recommendations based on previous purchases, and similar tactics to reach the customer on a personal level.

Want to learn more about creating loyal e-com customers through outstanding packaging? Check out the accompanying resource for further information!

Infographic created by Chicago Tag & Label, a custom label manufacturer

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