Google Workspace Labs AI Features Overview

Last Updated:
August 15, 2023

Google Workspace Labs AI Features Overview

Artificial Intelligence software or AI is becoming ever-present in the online world. With tools like ChatGPT and Claude, businesses can utilize AI easily for content creation and streamlining processes. Google Workspace Labs is another new AI tool being introduced, however, it is still in the early access stages. Below we look at Google Workspace Labs AI features and how they can benefit your business.

Do you have access to Google’s Workspace Labs?

Google invited a small selection of Google Docs users to join the early access trial of Workspace Labs. If you don’t recall getting invited, you can check your access easily. Simply, open a Google Docs file and look for the “Labs” tab on the right-hand side of the document. Right now, users must be located in the US to be invited, to keep the testing group small.

Google Workspace Labs AI Features

Note that the features below are subject to change based on feedback from the early access group. Additionally, features are continuously being added to the AI tool.

Content Writing Help

The most popular feature of Google Workspace Labs is the writing feature. The AI can suggest text based on a prompt to help you quickly create content. You can also utilize this feature to rewrite a blog post, or caption to make it more appealing.

Create and Refine Emails in Gmail

If you have access to Google Workspace Labs, you can also utilize it within your Gmail account. Simply use the “help me write” feature within Gmail and enter a prompt. This is especially helpful for drafting cover letters, weekly work emails, or even birthday invitations. You can also ask it to refine a draft to be more concise, informative, or interesting.

Create Images with Google Workspace Labs

This tool is available to some users within Google Slides. Like the “help me write” tool, the “help me visualize” AI tool will create images based on prompts. This can be helpful when creating reports, or social media content. Note that your prompts should be as specific as possible, while still allowing for some leeway to get the best results.

Organize your Files

The “help me organize” tool allows you to utilize AI within Google Sheets. This AI tool is designed to suggest and create tables based on your prompts. This is especially helpful for consolidating data, or even planning an event. Just note the AI table will replace any data within the file, so be sure to use this feature in a new spreadsheet.

Create Background Images

Within Google Meet, you can generate a background using the Workspace Labs AI tools. This is a fun feature for coworking calls, meetings, or hosting presentations. Simply enter a prompt and the AI tool will generate a background that you can then save for future use.

Dual Access

As with all Google Doc files, Workspace Labs allows you to collaborate with others in real-time. This is a great feature that can help increase productivity as multiple people can be working within a document at one time. Furthermore, users can refine prompts to clarify details or add to the content generation.

Right now, Google Workspace Labs AI features are all in the testing phase. Users with access are being asked to submit feedback each time they utilize the AI to improve prompt responses, data management, and more. Once these features roll out to the general public, they are sure to be easy to use, especially as they are integrated directly into the Google Cloud system.

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