How Best to Post on LinkedIn for Engagement

Last Updated:
May 17, 2022

How best to post on Linkedin

LinkedIn is the top social media network for professionals, with over 800 million users worldwide. It is popular for both networking and generating business leads. Company pages on LinkedIn are great for not only promoting your business but also engaging your customers. Below are tips on how to best post on LinkedIn for engagement purposes.

Use Hashtags

By using hashtags on your posts, you can increase the reach of your posts. Many LinkedIn users follow hashtags to see content related to specific industries. Thus, if you post with a relevant and popular hashtag, you can increase your potential audience as more users will see the content. For best results aim to use 3 to 5 industry-relevant hashtags per post. You should also consider switching up the hashtags you use, choosing the most relevant for each specific post.

Link to Other Pages

If you share content from another organization you should always make sure to tag them in your post. This not only increases your reach and expands your audience but, can help you to network and build business relationships. These relationships can turn into partnerships or collaborations later on. To mention another page, simply type the @ symbol and then the organization name, the correct page should then pop up. By mentioning other companies, their followers on LinkedIn will also see your post.

Schedule Your Posts

For most companies, the best way to publish content regularly is to schedule it. While you can not schedule posts directly on LinkedIn, you can use social media management tools like Agorapulse to do so. Agorapulse allows you to schedule posts, photos, and videos easily, without needing to be online at a specific time. This can increase engagement as you can schedule posts at the ideal times for your audience.

Republish Evergreen Content

While some content is time-sensitive or involves breaking news, other content is always relevant. This is known as evergreen content. With evergreen content, it can continue to deliver value if more people see it. Therefore, it is wise to republish this content multiple times throughout the year. Once again using Agorapulse can help here, as you can set content to post multiple times in the scheduling tool. Simply choose the first publishing date, then add the additional dates and times. If things change, you can simply edit the upcoming schedule.

Track Analytics

By paying attention to your analytics, you can create better content, and publish at better times for your audience. LinkedIn Analytics gives you a wide variety of analytics on your dashboard including;

  • Update effectiveness – this evaluates the quality and topics of the content you post.
  • Followers – this shows the demographics of your followers, such as age and location
  • Visitors – this shows the demographics of those visiting your page.
  • Competitors – allows you to compare page audiences and content engagement with your competitors.
  • Employee Advocacy – Shows employee engagement with content.

Understanding this data can help you determine if your content marketing is working or not. Tools like Agorapulse also offer additional analytics and analytic charts to help you track traffic on mobile vs desktop, detailed engagement details, and detailed follower analysis.

Publishing on LinkedIn to generate engagement doesn’t need to be a stressful endeavor. Instead, utilize social media management tools like Agorapulse to simplify content posting, and enjoy the additional analytics the tool provides to create more engaging content moving forward.

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