How Do I Get More Followers on Instagram From Facebook?

Last Updated:
May 2, 2023

How Do I Get More Followers on Instagram From Facebook?

Instagram is a popular social media platform for many businesses looking to build their brand. This is because the platform allows businesses to drive traffic, increase sales and engage customers. However, many businesses are unhappy with their Instagram growth and engagement. Below are several tips to help you get followers on Instagram from Facebook.

1. Link your Instagram and Facebook pages

The first tip for gaining more followers on Instagram from Facebook is by utilizing the cross-app functionality. This not only allows you to manage both social media platforms from one place but also means those that follow your business on Facebook are encouraged to follow you on Instagram.

2. Optimize your Instagram account

Ensure that your Instagram account is set up to attract followers. First, make sure that your Instagram username is easy to find, and makes sense for your business. Consider updating your bio to include your brand tagline, branded hashtags, and any other important details. Then add your logo as your profile photo and ensure your bio link links to a landing page on your business website. These details allow your audience to engage with your business clearly and easily.

3. Post consistently on both platforms

Momentum is important on Instagram while posting regularly gives new users something to look at on Facebook. Make sure to create a content calendar for the two platforms, making sure to keep the content cohesive between the two. A great way to do this is by having a shorter post with more images or a video on Instagram, then on Facebook providing more information on the same topic. Remember to also use the Stories feature, when your accounts are linked any Story you create can be posted simultaneously on both.

4. Schedule posts ahead of time

Posting at the right time can help you to reach more potential followers and customers. Thus, you should consider using the Facebook content planner to schedule content for both Facebook and Instagram. This is easy to do on a computer, or using the Facebook Meta Business Suite app on your smartphone. Simply select where the post should publish, and at what time, then add photos, video, and your caption with hashtags. This tool makes it easier to see upcoming content posts at a glance and helps ensure that you are posting regularly without disrupting your daily workload.

5. Engage with followers

To gain more followers, make sure that you are responding and interacting with current followers. The more active you are on your account, the more Instagram pushes your account to the explore page. Once again, the Facebook Meta Business Suite app allows you to easily and quickly respond to comments and questions on both platforms at once. You should also make sure to review posts you are tagged in and consider sharing these as user-generated content. After all, modern-day consumers trust other customers more than the brand themselves, especially, when the brand is new to them.

6. Use short-form video content

Short-form video content is the most consumed content type on all social platforms. Furthermore, it also has a higher ROI than other content types. Thus, to gain more followers you should be making relevant short-form videos to attract the attention of potential customers. The fastest way to have your videos feature on the Explore page is by using current trends. Simply take a trending song, or sound and use it to create a short-fun video that is relevant to your business. Try to keep these videos under a minute long for the best results.

Use the tips above to get more followers on Instagram by using Facebook and smart marketing techniques. Remember to post content that resonates with your audience, and showcases your products. Focus on slower organic growth to have a fully engaged and supportive audience on both platforms.

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