How do TikTok Battles Work?

Last Updated:
January 2, 2024

How do TikTok Battles Work?

TikTok offers various monetization tools for livestreaming. One such tool is a battle, where streamers compete to earn money. Below we look at how TikTok Battles work and what exactly they are.

How do TikTok Battles Work?

During a livestream on TikTok, viewers can send gifts to creators. To purchase gifts, viewers purchase TikTok coins, which are then used to buy different gifts ranging from $0.05 to $1000 USD. Gifts are represented by animated graphics that appear on screen as they are sent. Creators can see who is sending the gift, so they can thank supportive viewers with ease. For a TikTok Battle, two streamers will initiate a battle, and go head to head in 5 minute streams. The idea is to earn the most gifts from viewers. Whoever accrues the highest value of gifts in 5 minutes is the winner and gains bragging rights.

After the battle, both streamers can cash out the value of gifts, which convert into “diamonds” and can then be paid out into a bank account. However, it is important to note that TikTok takes around 70% of all gifts, which means the creators only get $3 for every $10 gifted.

How to Incentivize Gifts

To win the TikTok Battle many creators resort to imploring, hyping, or begging viewers to gift. However, the most successful TikTok battlers reward their audience for gifting by rapping, dancing, or singing. The TikTok stars using their skills to reward gifters often develop a dedicated fanbase that is willing to gift without promoting.


Some people label TikTok Battles as a scam, especially as creators beg for gifts instead of performing. Furthermore, the lack of transparency around the exact commission percentages is a big controversy with TikTok creators also refusing to disclose this information. Finally, TikTok Battles sometimes bring a lot of toxicity to the app as fans of creators turn to harassment and even bullying. This is a larger issue due to the age of TikTok users.

What is the Appeal of TikTok Battles?

Despite the many controversies, Battles continue to be a popular feature on TikTok. These livestreams satisfy viewer’s desires for additional accessibility, community, and authenticity. This stems from the popularity of Twitch, but with micro-influencers. Furthermore, as there are limited ways to monetarily support creators, battles are a fun option for viewers.

Other Monetization Options on TikTok

While Battles are a great way to generate income, there are some other options for creators as well. Creators can join the TikTok Creator Fund to earn a share of ad revenue. Additionally, the TikTok Creator Fund has a Creativity Program where creators are paid based on views and engagement of their videos. There are also options to use affiliate links and brand partnerships to earn money on TikTok. The options for monetization on TikTok continue to expand, especially as viewership increases.

TikTok Battles provide both opportunity and controversy for creators, but can be utilized to generate significant income. When it comes to how TikTok Battles work, winning isn’t so important, but getting your fans to donate higher-priced gifts will directly benefit creators. So, while this tool helps to fulfill viewer’s needs for accessibility, they come with issues around cyber-bullying. As a creator, you will want to encourage your audience to be polite and not harass your competitor both during and after the stream.

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