How Outsourcing Can Help You Raise Wages for Key Workers

Last Updated:
December 19, 2023

How Outsourcing Can Help You Raise Wages for Key Workers

In today’s economy, many businesses are struggling to make ends meet while compensating key workers appropriately. However, outsourcing can help you raise wages for key workers while ensuring your bottom line is stable or growing.

The change in the economic landscape is also triggering a shift from the “growth-at-all-costs” mindset, which means businesses are more focused on having an agile workforce. Furthermore, many companies are dealing with increasing salary costs in this high-inflationary market. Job openings continue to remain high in various industries, and work needs to be completed, which is where outsourcing can benefit. Having an agile outsourced workforce allows your business to quickly adjust while outsourcing to cover gaps or specific tasks.

Below are the benefits of outsourcing on wages and business operations.

New Opportunities for Workers

By outsourcing, your business can alleviate hiring pressure in the current economy. Due to the large global footprint outsourcing agencies have, finding the right person with the right skills is easier. In turn, outsourcing certain tasks can increase job satisfaction for existing workers, and allow more time for workers to develop and take on more important duties. Consider outsourcing to-do tasks, menial data collection, and other time-consuming busy-work tasks.

Improve Worker Engagement

Outsourced workers can offer specialty skill sets that are uncommon within an organization. After all, these specialty skills typically take significant time and investment to develop, however, are only utilized on a part-time basis. This makes outsourcing them as needed much more affordable. Thus, you can use your budget to improve digital tools within the organization, allowing current workers to be more productive and attentive at work. Furthermore, the capabilities of these digital tools can improve worker engagement by increasing potential avenues for growth and skill development.

Grows Profits for the Business

By growing the profitability of the business, businesses have more money to invest back into workers and innovation. Innovation and outsourcing can play a huge role in increasing profitability, especially through the use of AI. AI tools can help streamline processes for workers, just as outsourcing can reduce menial tasks. Both of these help reduce the busy work for workers, allowing them to focus on more important tasks. With these changes your business will experience increased productivity, thus, improving your bottom line. More profits then allow you to invest in upskilling those key workers and raise their wages as they learn new skills.

How Outsourcing Agencies Help

By utilizing an outsourcing agency, your business always has access to skilled professionals on an as-necessary basis. For example, during an open enrollment period, more HR professionals are needed, but only one or two are necessary full-time. Thus, having the ability to hire temporary HR professionals is a great benefit. This can also apply to busier seasons within your industry as you can outsource to fill time and skill-specific positions through your agency. Furthermore, by working with an outsourcing agency, they are aware of your business needs, goals, and culture, so can recommend the right person for the task.

Outsourcing can help you raise wages for key workers as overall operational costs are lower. This is due to outsourcing basic busy work tasks, or for key time periods, thus, giving your business the ability to offer higher pay to full-time skilled workers. This, in turn, helps improve your business productivity as workers are able to improve their skills, which keeps workplace morale high.

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