How to Get Famous on TikTok

Last Updated:
July 4, 2023

How to Get Famous on TikTok

TikTok is home to viral challenges, influencers, and the newest content online. In fact, at just 5 years old, TikTok is the 7th biggest social media app in use. With over 1 billion users, it is well worth creating an account for your business and promoting yourself on the app. Below are some tips to help you get famous on TikTok.

Build a Recognizable Brand

To become famous on TikTok, you need a niche that you can brand. Make sure that every video you create follows the same branding rules. This can be done through the type of content, the colors you use, the sounds you use, and of course specific video transitions.

To find your niche, pay attention to what is trending in your general industry. Look at the hashtags other creators are using and make sure you incorporate the relevant ones in your videos. Make sure to follow other creators, and hashtags to keep up with emerging trends and challenges.

Use TikTok Trends

TikTok is full of trending content, like dance challenges, music clips, sound bites, and more. Make sure that you regularly check what is trending and use it within your own content. To find these trending videos and sounds, use the Discover tab. Here the top sounds, hashtags, and effects are easy to scroll through. Then come up with a way to use the sound or clip, to fit with your niche and brand. After all, 61% of consumers say they find brands more likable when they take part in TikTok trends. This is because it shows that you are active in the community, not just advertising your brand.

Post Consistently

Unlike most social media platforms, the TikTok algorithm actually rewards creators for posting more often. The TikTok For You Page is constantly updating, thus, the more often you post, the more likely you are to be featured. At a minimum, you should be publishing one video per day. However, you should consider trying to post 3-6 times per day to gain visibility and build your brand. Consider spending a full day creating content that you can split into different videos. Then edit and schedule them. Pay attention to your analytics to see when your audience is online, and try to post at that time of day.

Engage with Followers and Viewers

Remember, TikTok is a social media network, not a broadcasting channel. This means to build your brand and appease the algorithm, you need to engage with others. Encourage your viewers and followers to like, comment, share, and save your content. If they comment, take the time to respond. If someone duets your video, make sure to comment and like, or duet it back.

Engage with Other Creators

Make sure you watch, like, and engage with content from other creators. This allows you to not only find influencers within your brand niche but improves the standing of your account. Find videos from creators in your niche to duet, stitch or reply to. This is easy content and improves the authenticity of your brand in the eyes of consumers. By engaging, you can capitalize on emerging trends while developing relationships with other creators.

The tips above can help you to get famous on TikTok, however, it won’t happen overnight. But, if you post often enough, and stick to building a recognizable brand, it won’t be long before one of your videos goes viral. One viral video can start a snowball effect, and help you to grow faster than on any other platform. So, start creating and posting to start your journey to TikTok fame.

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