How to Improve Your Quality of Sleep

Last Updated:
October 9, 2022
Brian Wallace

Do you know how important sleep is to your health? By now, most people know how important eating well and exercising are. Yet our culture still praises people who sacrifice their sleep. In truth, successful people make their rest a priority. One of the ways they prioritize sleep is by improving their physical environment. Your bedding should maximize sleep quality, not detract from it.

Some aspects of bedding come down to personal preference. Whether one sleeps with a flat sheet or not is a matter people are divided on. In America, about 2 in 3 people keep a sheet between their body and their blanket or comforter. Whether you sleep with a blanket or a comforter is itself a personal preference. Those are the most popular bedding toppers, with quilts and duvets in a distant third. Some people sleep with a lighter blanket in summer and a thicker comforter in winter.

Bedding aspects that have objective measures include wash frequency. Studies have proven that people who wash their sheets more often get better sleep. Those who rate their sleep the best wash their sheets an average of every 12.8 days. Meanwhile, those who rate their sleep the worst wash every 19.9 days.

Experts recommend washing sheets and pillowcases once a week, but only 32% of Americans say they do. Why don’t more people wash sheets regularly? 65% of respondents say they don’t have time for weekly washes while 47% simply forget. Their negligence costs them good quality sleep.

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