How To Stop Vehicles From Crashing Into Your Business

Last Updated:
January 19, 2024
Kaylinn Ginger

How To Stop Vehicles From Crashing Into Your Business

As a small business owner, the safety of your storefront is paramount. Incidents of vehicles crashing into businesses are not uncommon, and they can result in significant damage. Learn some effective strategies to prevent vehicles from colliding with your business.

Install Protective Barriers

Protective barriers act as the first line of defense against vehicle crashes. Installing bollards, planters, or reinforced outdoor seating around your storefront can stop an out-of-control vehicle before it hits your building. These barriers offer protection and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your premises.

Improve Visibility

Increasing the visibility of your storefront can help drivers identify your business from a distance, reducing the chances of accidental crashes. Use bright, contrasting colors, clear signage, and good outdoor lighting to make your business stand out.

Design Safe Parking Spaces

The design and layout of your parking area can significantly impact vehicle safety. Ensure there is ample space for vehicles to maneuver, clear signage indicating entrances and exits, and well-marked pedestrian areas to keep foot traffic away from moving vehicles. If your existing parking lot is difficult to navigate and park in, redoing it is worth the cost. That said, by properly preparing your parking lot for restriping, you can lower the renovation costs while keeping your business safe.

Lobby for Traffic Calming Measures

Engaging with local authorities to implement traffic calming measures near your business location can be highly beneficial. Measures such as speed bumps, pedestrian islands, and reduced speed limits can slow down traffic, making the area safer for both your business and pedestrians.

There are many workplace health and safety considerations that employers must act on. Protecting your business from vehicle crashes is among the most important. By installing protective barriers, improving visibility, designing safe parking spaces, and lobbying for traffic calming measures, you can substantially reduce the risk of vehicles crashing into your storefront.

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