Tips on Improving Your Sleep

Last Updated:
April 5, 2022
Brian Wallace

The amount of sleep we get is directly correlated with our levels of productivity and effectiveness. That’s common knowledge, but you may not realize just how important adequate sleep is. If you think getting 4-5 hours a night is having minimal negative effects and that you’re able to get more work done with fewer hours of sleep…you’d be wrong. 


The impact of inadequate sleep is all encompassing. For instance, those who get 7+ hours per night are decreasing their mortality rate by 13%, compared to those who get 6 hours or less. They also have a greater chance of being at a healthy weight as just 1 hour of lost sleep usually equals a 0.42 unit increase in BMI. 


Those who get enough sleep are better able to make good decisions and are 2x less likely to be involved in car accidents. They’re also significantly more productive as working longer hours doesn’t usually add up to greater productivity. 


In fact, those who work 14+ hours tend to do only about 30 minutes of actual work in the last few hours of their work day, whereas getting adequate rest increases creativity and efficiency. 


Having great sleep requires some uncommon discipline in our super connected society. For instance, turning off the screens 30 minutes before bedtime (and not picking them back up) allows the brain to prepare for resting well. 


It also matters a great deal what our resting atmosphere is like. Creating an atmosphere that brings your peace and calms your mind is essential. From colors, to decluttering the room, to having the right textures and thread counts; creating an environment that exudes rest is essential to giving your mind and body exactly what they need night after night. 

Learn more about how you can improve your sleep in the infographic below:

Stressed & Not Sleeping — How you can improve your sleep
Source: PizunaLinens

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