Intelligent Document Processing: How it Improves Your Business

Last Updated:
May 28, 2023
Brian Wallace

Artificial intelligence (AI) is making headlines, leaving many people wondering if it has the potential to make it big. AI is currently able to understand and respond to written prompts, math problems, images, and more. In addition, there are many different types of AI in use and on the market. Machine learning enables machines to learn from data and experience without being manually programmed. Deep learning deals with higher complexity patterns and datasets, and expert systems can go as far as to mimic human expert decision-making. With all of these capabilities, the question remains: What happens when you unify machine learning, deep learning, and expert systems?


Companies like Zillow are already putting this question to the test, using a combination of all three main types of AI to form their Zestimate tool. However, Zillow is not the only company currently toying around with the capabilities of artificial intelligence. Most businesses use AI to create new products, gather customer service analytics, for call center automation, and much more. Because of this widespread use, businesses and governments will only reap clearer and more measurable benefits through AI exploration. 


Although businesses have found great success through the use of AI, there are several benefits of using AI in government operations as well. It can improve monitoring, increase accuracy, increase productivity, and even enhance talent management. It is relatively simple to incorporate AI successfully into business or governmental operations, making it the clear choice for the future development of technology. When in the right hands, AI can be a superpower that can take one’s organizational or personal goals above and beyond. 

Learn more about how intelligent document processing can impact your business for the better in the infographic below:

Intelligent Document Processing and AI

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