Is Print Marketing Dead? A Data Deep Dive Into Ad Power

Last Updated:
October 27, 2023
Kay Nicole

Is Print Marketing Dead? A Data Deep Dive Into Ad Power

It’s not hard to believe that print is, for all intents and purposes, dead as a medium for mass marketing efforts. The last decade is littered with examples of magazines and newspapers that are little more than shells of their former selves. That is if they’re still being published at all. The world is becoming more digital with each passing day. Thus, many businesses are concluding that the best and only way to connect with their customers is through a screen. However, this is far from the truth.

Even as the vast majority of consumers engage with brands through digital media, there’s still a lot to be said about the power of print. In fact, all the qualities that made print seem outdated in today’s hyper-connected world give it real staying power. Especially with large segments of the population. For example, nearly 80% of people say they prefer to interact with print advertising over digital ads. That’s due in large part to the permanence of print over an email. Print products are something that can be touched and held in the real world. Which continues to have more value over something that exists only as an electronic image.

That permanence also plays an important role in the level of engagement people have with print advertising. The fact that online news sites concentrate on quick bites of information that are rapidly refreshed means the average person spends no more than five minutes reading a site. On the other hand, those who read printed materials usually spend about 20 minutes or more perusing them. Whether they’re conscious of it or not, the idea that printed materials won’t change allows readers to relax and concentrate. Thus, they see what’s in front of them instead of rushing through it in anticipation of something new.

Print Still Matters

All of this means that companies shouldn’t abandon print as a marketing medium. Integrating printed marketing materials into your overall strategy ensures that even younger consumers will see your brand as trustworthy. Furthermore, they are more likely to remember it when they’re shopping. A hybrid approach that combines print and digital advertising has been found to increase the effectiveness of a campaign nearly four times over a singular strategy.

With the right partner providing professional print solutions built on this approach, you can boost the performance of your efforts. Thus, reach your audience in the most effective manner. To learn more about why print still matters in today’s marketplace, take a look at the accompanying resource.

Infographic created by Integ, a commercial printing company.

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