Microlearning: Leveling Up Workplace Training

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February 19, 2023
Brian Wallace

Workplace training is an essential tool that can make a world of a difference to any employee looking to start a new job or fulfill a new role. However, many employees get little to no training, and 60% are entirely self taught in the position that they hold. Even when training is offered, there are often barriers to joining, leaving employees unsatisfied and underprepared.


Studies have shown that traditional training models are highly ineffective, and they can even create a poor experience for learners. Most employees are not satisfied with the current systems in place, leading many to consider the training they are sent through a waste of time, money, and energy.


Microlearning to the Rescue


Microlearning has quickly become a recognized method for workplace training that can actually improve learners’ focus and retention by up to 80%. It works like this: users are given a series of activities and tasks throughout their day to boost their retention and experience in any given area. Because these tasks fit easily in a busy work schedule and are targeted, they are easy to consume and therefore are the most effective. Microlearning tasks are more personalized, and the results are easily tracked by those administering the training. 




Experts say that microlearning is 17% more effective than traditional training, meeting workers where they are and where they are most comfortable. Many companies are already seeing success with this new technique, and both employees and employers are reaping the benefits. The future is bright for this style of workplace training, leaving many workers and companies excited for what is to come.

Microlearning - the future of workplace training
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