Most Effective Ways to Respond to Customer Inquiries

Last Updated:
August 18, 2022

Most Effective Ways to Respond to Customer Inquiries

In the current online world, offering great customer service with fast response times is important. However, it can be hard to quickly and effectively respond to customer inquiries. Setting standards for your customer service responses and timeframes can help to boost the reputation of your business, while also offering your customers the support they need. After all, customers typically only contact a business when they need a response.

Therefore, consistency around response times will help your business offer better customer service. Consider advertising the average response time on your website and social media to help customers know what to expect. Below are tips on writing an effective response to customer inquiries.

1. Focus on the Opening

When you respond to customer inquiries, you must open with appreciation. This means showing the customer that you care about their inquiry, and are happy to help. Doing so can also help associate your business with a pleasant feeling, thus boosting your brand reputation. Consider utilizing one of these opening phrases after you address the email or message response to the customer;

  • Thank you for your inquiry regarding X.
  • I would like to thank you for bringing X to my attention.
  • Thank you for your interest in our business and in X service/product.

2. Be Direct and Polite

Remember that customers are sending an inquiry because they want information from your business. Therefore, you must include this information within the response. Ensure you do not overcomplicate things, instead, clarify their request, then answer any questions they had. If needed, attach documents or images, or send them to your website. Some basic examples are below.

  • For information or document requests – As per your inquiry about X, attached is the documentation for X.
  • For questions – To answer your question regarding the pricing of X, we have enclosed the pricing chart for X.
  • For order changes – As per your request for X changes to your order, we have adjusted X. Attached is your updated invoice confirmation.

You can also add additional information as long as it is relevant to the query. Never add extra information if it is irrelevant to the customer.

3. Use an Open Conclusion

When you end your inquiry response message or email ensure that it is welcoming and open. This is important, as the customer may have additional questions, or wish to confirm something. Use a warm, friendly tone within your closing statement, and offer to assist in the future. You can do this by suggesting a call, meeting, or simply asking if they have any other queries. Some suggestions for closing statements are below.

  • I hope the information provided above is beneficial to you. If you have further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • If you have any further questions or require any assistance, we are happy to help.
  • Thank you for your time and consideration. Please contact us if we can offer more assistance or if you would like to schedule a call or meeting to discuss X further.
  • If you require any more information, feel free to contact us. We look forward to doing business with you in the future.

How you present yourself within the message or email reflects directly on the business. Ensure the tone is always polite, friendly, and professional.

4. Actually Answer the Request

When a customer is inquiring about specific products, orders or situations, ensure that you actually provide the answer. Many people will inquire about a product and the company just sends back the whole product brochure. Often this does not answer the customer's question and tells the customer that you don’t care. Consider copying and pasting the relevant information from the brochure, or sending a screenshot of the relevant information. If you are unsure of what the customer needs, then ask them questions to clarify instead of sending irrelevant information.

Furthermore, if you do not have the information they want on hand, explain this and give an expected deadline for the information. Customers appreciate honesty and are likely to stick with a company that responds promptly, and offers appropriate solutions.

As a business owner, you must effectively respond to customer inquiries to build and maintain your reputation. Customer service can make or break a business, thus, implementing customer service standards is crucial. Ensure that your customer service team understands how to respond to customer inquiries and that responses are consistent and on brand.

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