Probiotics are Essential to Overall Health

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July 13, 2022
Brian Wallace

In our post pandemic world, many of us are taking a more active stance on getting in shape, staying in shape, and maintaining our health. There’s nothing quite like a pandemic to point out just how fragile we can actually be! 


Nevertheless, millions of Americans suffer from chronic digestive diseases and 62% of the global population deals with some kind of digestive issue every year. Chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, colorectal cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, and others are all directly related to the state of the gut microbiome. 


The gut microbiome, located in the digestive system, is made up of the trillions of bacteria, the viruses, and fungi that live there. You might think that this part of the body would only be responsible for issues related to digestion, however the microbiome also contains that majority of our immune cells, and has a direct link to other organs, including the brain. 


In fact, often, depression can be related to an unhealthy gut microbiome. Maintaining the health of this part of our bodies is vital to maintaining overall health, including our mental health. 


One of the most important factors for a healthy gut is the presence of probiotics. Probiotics help good bacteria grow, while inhibiting growth of bad bacteria. They help to bring balance to immune responses, produce anti-inflammatory compounds, and interact with other microorganisms. 


There are also a number of unproven things that medical professionals believe are positively impacted by probiotics, such as obesity, UTI’s, food allergies, and more. In other words, in order to maintain a healthy gut, probiotics are absolutely necessary, and a healthy gut plays a big role in maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Do Probiotics Really Work?: Why Probiotics are Necessary
Source: Nouri


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