The Supplements Industry Is Exploding In Popularity

Last Updated:
November 22, 2022
Brian Wallace

Supplements and vitamins are part of a booming industry, with an overwhelming amount of growth. The supplement industry is projected to reach a global value of nearly $100 billion by 2031 with a growth rate of 7.6%, signaling fast changes and upcoming trends. Over 55% of consumers around the world are taking vitamins on a daily basis. In the US, the number of consumers taking vitamins jumps to over 70% on average, with some age groups and regions having more than 80% of consumers taking vitamins or supplements every day. Specialty supplements, herbals and botanicals, sports nutrition supplements, and weight management supplements have all been taking center stage in this massive recent growth.


New confidence in the vitamin market has been fostered by new scientific backing behind vitamins. Vitamins have been shown to improve physiological, cognitive, and functional outcomes. Many supplements reduce injuries and can help improve performance during workouts. Pioneering the development of commercial supplements are a number of field experts. One of these experts is Dr. Uma Naidoo, director of nutrition and psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital, who studies the impact of food and dietary supplements on mood and health.

Be sure you know the supplements industry inside and out as it continues to grow and develop here:

The Big Business of Supplements

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