The Top 6 Free Shopify Apps to Help You Grow Your Store

Last Updated:
May 26, 2022

Free Shopify Apps

Running an eCommerce store is relatively simple using the Shopify platform. However, many shop owners find the additional apps overwhelming and settle for a basic eCommerce store. Below are some of the best Shopify apps to help you customize and grow your eCommerce store easily.

1. Shopify Email

Sending promotional emails is a great marketing tactic for any eCommerce store. Shopify Email is a marketing app to help shops build an email list and manage email campaigns. With this app, shop owners can easily send branded emails to subscribers from the Shopify admin dashboard. Shopify Email includes a variety of premade templates that pull your logo, product images, and descriptions from your store. Simply select which products you want to promote, and select your preferred layout. You can also customize the text and call-to-action buttons with a few clicks.

Additionally, you can import your contact lists from outside of Shopify, to target previous shoppers or followers from other places. Like other email sending software, you can easily track email analytics like opens, clicks, add to cart clicks, purchases, and more. Use these analytics to optimize your campaigns and retain more customers. The app allows you to send up to 2500 emails for free every month.

2. ReConvert Upsell & Cross Sell

One of the best ways to increase profits and sales is by upselling. The ReConvert app helps you to increase sales by adding promotional banners, surveys, and more to your eCommerce store. Customize your landing page with an easy drag and drop designer tool, allowing you to add countdown timers and call-to-action buttons. Additionally, shop owners can create personalized recommendations and reorder buttons based on the customer's previous shopping habits. Users can also add a custom thank you page to re-engage users after a purchase, to encourage repeat business.

3. Product Reviews

Social proof and positive feedback can increase your brand reputation, especially online. The Product Reviews app, allows you to add a simple yet effective feedback section to each product. Customers can then review the products they purchase, giving your business additional social proof. In the modern age, product reviews can make or break an eCommerce business, as 98% of consumers will read reviews before purchasing.

4. Fancy FAQ

One of the ways you can offer customer service 24/7 on your website is by having an FAQ page. The Fancy FAQ app helps shop owners to set up a simple, attractive FAQ page to encourage sales. This allows you to provide instant answers to common questions about products, shipping, and returns. By having a detailed FAQ page, you can establish trust with potential shoppers and boost your SEO ranking.

5. EasyShip

The EasyShip app allows shop owners to reach customers around the world by offering lower shipping costs. By offering lower shipping costs, eCommerce stores can boost conversions and profits. Using EasyShip allows you to gain access to pre-negotiated shipping solutions from couriers worldwide. The intuitive dashboard lets you easily print shipping labels, add set product dimensions, access invoices and generate return orders. This can streamline shipping processes while allowing you to offer better shipping rates.

6. Smart SEO

SEO is a challenge for any website, and Shopify eCommerce sites are no different. However, The Smart SEO app makes it easier for shop owners to optimize their websites. This helpful app will generate meta and alt tags, fix broken links and manage your sitemap to boost your rankings. Additionally, Smart SEO provides structured data to Google through its product templates. Simply choose your template, fill in the correct details and Smart SEO will do the rest.

Utilizing the free Shopify apps above can take your eCommerce store to the next level. This not only boosts customer engagement and experience but will likely have a positive effect on profits as well.

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