The Top Team Building Platforms for Remote Teams

Last Updated:
March 21, 2023

The Top Team Building Platforms for Remote Teams

Success within a team depends on great communication among the team members. Often, remote teams can struggle to have these strong communicative relationships with their team members as they do not see each other in person. Building trust and relationships in a remote team are crucial to encourage communication and ensure each team member is happy in their role. Below are some of the top team building platforms for remote teams that help make communication that much easier.


With TriviaMaker you can make fun interactive trivia quiz games for your remote team to complete. There are five different game styles available: TicTac, Grid, Multiple Choice, Wheel, and List. Furthermore, you can fully customize the game to include your logo and brand colors. Add your own categories, questions, and answers to the game, then invite your remote team to play from their computer or smartphone.

Team Building

There are more than 30 unique virtual events on the Team Building website for remote teams to participate in. Note that each game or event will take between 60 and 90 minutes, so make sure everyone has the time period blocked out. Most events are available via Zoom, though some allow for access via Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. These events aim to maximize team engagement while offering a fun experience. Event options include a trivia quiz, virtual murder mystery, storytelling, comedy workshop, ghost hunt, and more.

Quiz Breaker

Looking for quick, icebreaker-type games to liven up meetings? Consider Quiz Breaker, these team building quizzes are two minutes per round, making them easy to participate in. There are over 100 premade quizzes available and options to create and add your own questions. The ongoing comment thread allows team members to easily communicate throughout from their web browser or smartphone. Additionally, Quiz Breaker offers a 21-day free trial, so you can test it before investing.

Random Trivia Generator

This is a great free trivia resource to consider for your remote team. There are premade quizzes on a range of topics including arts, science, general, entertainment, and geography. Anyone from your team can be the host, and ask the questions. The best way is to divide the remaining employees into teams to encourage communication. Make sure the host also keeps track of the results.


The Weve website platform offers competition, connection, and fun for your team members. With various games available, there is always something fun for remote team members to participate in. Designed to simulate office culture in the virtual space, each game room allows up to 25 participants. Pricing is on the higher end for a virtual game space starting at $299 USD, however, many of the games also have a live host to explain and run the games. Games include Pub Trivia, Name that Tune, Pictionary, Where in the World, Fact Match, and Giphy Battle.


The Scavify platform offers a virtual scavenger hunt, where team members must interact throughout challenges to earn rewards. Activities throughout the scavenger hunt include a photo challenge, video challenge, Q&A challenges, and multiple-choice quizzes. Team members can submit feedback about the games, and the hunt can be adjusted to fit in line with what they are enjoying.


The Thriver online platform offers a variety of digital team-building activities. There are games to boost team morale and engagement, and ones to build communication and teamwork. Some of the most popular activities include Sherlock Homes: Murder Mystery, Online Office Olympics, Guess my Sketch, Scavenger Hunt, Team Trivia, and more. Pricing varies depending on the activity, making it a budget-friendly option.

Help your remote team members succeed within your business by encouraging communication and teamwork. Use the top team building platforms for remote teams mentioned above to encourage collaboration in a fun and exciting manner. After all, the more your team member interact and communicate, the more productive they can be.

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