TikTok Best Practices for Brands 2022

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September 9, 2022
Kay Nicole

TikTok Best Practices for Brands 2022

Different brands have different strategies for creating TikTok content. However, with tons of features and no technical guidebook, many don’t know where to start. Although it can feel overwhelming, this article details 5 proven TikTok best practices for brands to expand their TikTok presence.

1. Education Excites

While TikTok is home to all kinds of content, educational videos have proven to be a crowd pleaser. By searching a particular topic on Tiktok, you can learn a variety of tips, tricks, or skills all in a matter of minutes. What is a quick tip or skill that is relevant to your brand or falls under your brand umbrella? For example, a home renovator may make a video on how to apply grout to tile, a personal chef may showcase a delicious recipe, or a beauty influencer may show their makeup routine. No matter the brand or personal niche, there is something you can teach or offer to your audience. Educational videos are also a great segway to your other channels. For example, at the end of the video encourage your audience to learn more by clicking the link in your bio. This could include a link to your blog, youtube, personal website, etc.

2. Utilize Hashtags

In terms of TikTok best practices for brands, hashtags may be the best as they are a great way for people to discover new content within a particular niche. The hashtags that you utilize in your caption will lead your particular target audience to your page through keyword discovery. It is critical that the hashtags you use pertain to your brand or the content in the video. Unique hashtags aren’t the best course of action if you want to boost your views. Frame your hashtags as generic keywords in your specific industry. In addition to this, hashtag research can show you what hashtags are popular in your particular niche. Go to the discover page and type in your niche or industry. Take note of keywords and hashtags that pop up and use them as hashtags or ideas for future videos.

3. Consistency

On average, TikTok users in the US spend just over an hour on the app each day. In addition, 9 out of 10 TikTok users access the app several times per day. To account for this, you need to offer enough content for them to keep returning to your page. Building a collection of videos will give your audience a reason to follow you. Once you have earned a follow, your content will be among the first videos someone views when scrolling through their feed. Analysts suggest posting 1-4 times daily. The logic behind this is that each time someone opens the app, they will consume your content which helps build your TikTok brand. However, posting this many times daily isn’t feasible for everyone. Start by posting a few times a week, and boost your frequency from there.

4. Repurpose older content

Many people are victims of believing they need to keep producing new content and ideas. However, people follow you because they like the content that you have previously posted. Take a beauty influencer creating a makeup tutorial for example. This single idea can be used in multiple videos as you can make a makeup tutorial for a date night, a makeup tutorial for work, a skincare routine before bed, etc. Once the video or content becomes outdated, create a new video and title it an updated makeup tutorial. There is plenty of content to make if you use the reduce, reuse, recycle method.

5. Follow what’s Trending

TikTok’s algorithm rewards accounts for participating in trends. Using different trending features such as audio, hashtags, filters, stickers, etc. gives your video a greater opportunity to land on the discover page and get more views. So how do you know what’s trending? One way is to press the plus button as if you are going to create a new video. If you click on “Add Sound” there are playlists including new releases and already viral audios. Similarly, if you click on “Effects” it shows new and trending effects. You can also stay on top of popular trends by following the hashtag #trendalert. To avoid being late to the trend, search for videos with the same audio or features and find when the most recent video was posted. If you are scrolling on your feed and hear an audio or see a feature more than twice, chances are it’s trending and you should use it.

To Conclude

If you are unsure where to start when building your TikTok, consider these TikTok best practices for brands. To build a TikTok community, you have to start somewhere. Make a video, and as you get more comfortable with the platform, utilize these 5 proven strategies.

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