Top 4 Web Scraping Services for 2022

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May 28, 2022
C Gingerich

Top 4 Web Scraping Services for 2022

Data engineers and scientists have found difficulties when acquiring data from numerous sources. With the current fast-paced and modernized work environment, it’s critical for your business to be able to extract data in a swift and efficient manner. Web scraping services offer the ideal solution to this pressing need.

The expression “web scraping” refers to extracting data from multiple websites. Once extracted, the data can then be stored in several locations including spreadsheets, database frameworks, or in a local hard drive. 

These different storage locations allow for an efficient way to store different types of data. It’s best to save tabular data in an excel file in either .xlsx or .csv format. Similarly, the local hard disk provides an optimal way for pictorial or video data to be directly saved.

Many are led to question what’s the need for web scraping if one can manually copy and paste data from a website. The answer to this question is straightforward. Copying and pasting data from numerous sites manually is time-intensive, but web scraping is an automated process, therefore saving your team valuable time.

Methods for Web Scraping

  • Using Code

Web Scraping can also be done through a piece of code.  Web scraping is supported through numerous programming languages including Python, R, and Java. These codes are very efficient as they can both scrape data and perform file handling for data saving.

  • Using Software

There are two types of software for web scraping. The first option is software that is installed locally on one’s PC to conduct the process. Several of these software include ParseHub, OutWit Hub, etc. The second option is cloud-based software including, Mozenda, etc. that can run directly from web browsers.

Top Web Scraping Service Providers

Web scraping services offer a variety of benefits to businesses as they aid in forming leads, distinguishing competitors and trends, strengthening data analysis, and collecting relevant and valuable information. Although there is significant competition among different service providers, nearly all are dependable. Here are some of the top service platforms and what they offer.


PromptCloud is a reliable service provider dealing in the areas of web scraping, data crawling, large-scale data extraction, and cloud services. One key factor of PromptCloud is that it applies Machine Learning algorithms to retrieve relevant data and material from the web. A major benefit of this service is that data is provided to you in the format that you choose.


Smartproxy is a top-rated service that offers immediate access to valuable data from popular websites including Google. Through their SERP Scraping API, Smartproxy takes the power of proxies and pairs them with a web scraper and data parser. Through this methodology, they have earned a 100% success rate for Google scraping. Smartproxy allows businesses to automate their marketing research by delivering regularly updated paid and organic SEO data, associated searches and questions, in-demand products and listings, and much more.

You’ll be aware of competitor activity while also staying updated with the latest market trends, allowing you to stay ahead. Rather than paying twice for a web scraping tool and proxies, use Smartproxy, the all-in-one solution.

Scrape IT

Scrape IT offers flexibility to businesses like yours as they can choose from a variety of different package options. It includes weekly options, monthly options, and even one-time services that are available to choose from. Through Scrape IT, your business can retrieve a diverse mix of tabular data including lease data, real estate data, pricing data, etc.


DataHut differs from other service providers in that it supplies data as a service paradigm. This is based upon the preference of the client and the type of scraped data they want delivered. DataHut assists businesses with retrieving data from numerous websites in an assortment of formats. One critical component of this service is that it delivers ready-to-use data.

Finishing Up

These are only a few of the many providers for web scraping services that your business can consider. In your next project, use these services to save time rather than manually scraping data.

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