Top 7 Online Video Editing Tools for 2022

Last Updated:
January 18, 2022

Online Video Editing Tools

Video content is one of the best ways to share information on social media in 2022. Especially as the average person is likely to spend more than an hour a day watching video content. However, simply posting a high-resolution video isn’t enough. The video must be well-edited, and interesting. To make your marketing videos memorable, you must focus on how you create and produce them. Luckily, modern technology now allows us to edit videos without needing to download an entire program. In fact, there are many online video editing tools you can use to do this in your web browser. This is a significant benefit for those with an older or less powerful computer.

Some of the other benefits of using an online video editing tool include the ability to edit a video anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. You can also easily share the edited video directly from the editing tool. Below are a number of the best online video editing tools you should consider.

This is a fairly simple, yet robust and easy-to-use social media video editor. Some of the features include templates, stickers, watermarks, graphics, and a collection of stock videos and images you can use in your videos. One of the best features of this web program is the ability to create the same video in various formats. This is extremely helpful for posting the same content on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Simply edit the video once and post in the various sizes you need. Each video is specifically optimized for the social media platform you post it on, thus giving a professional impression to your viewers. One thing to be aware of is that to remove the watermark or to download your video as an MP4 you will need to upgrade to a paid membership.


This online video editing tool has over 1.5M users around the world. InVideo offers a simple video editing tool to help you create video ads, promotional videos, social media clips, and more. This web program is packed with features including;

  • Thousands of pre-made templates
  • Social media calendar
  • An extensive media library
  • Image to video conversion tools
  • Brand presets
  • Text to speech and voiceover tools
  • 24/7 support

Note that to remove the InVideo watermark and to export videos as an MP4 you must upgrade to a paid membership.


If you need a quick video editing tool, Animoto could be perfect for you. This tool is designed to help create social media videos quickly and easily without any extra features. All videos are made using storyboard templates and a simple drag and drop feature. You can then easily customize the video with text overlays, transitions, color overlays and add music from the Animoto library. To access additional music tracks, fonts and to remove the watermark, you must upgrade to a paid membership.

Adobe Spark

The Adobe Spark video editor from Adobe systems, allows you to create videos in various formats and other visual content. There are numerous templates to use, as well as a substantial music library. Additionally, Adobe offers a voiceover tool, video speed adjustments, and a reverse video tool. These features combined with the extensive photo library can really help your video stand out. Note, you must have an adobe membership to take advantage of all of the features, like the photo library.


This semi-professional software can change how you edit your videos. As WeVideo is designed for businesses, there is a large free-to-use library of images, video, and audio. While editing your video, it is easy to add text and filters to single sections. Additionally, the Chroma key feature allows you to change the background seamlessly, making it perfect for green screen videos. As with the other online video editing tools, you must upgrade to a paid membership to remove the watermark. However, WeVideo offers a large range of monthly plans, making it easy to fit into your budget.


If you are looking for a basic, presentation-style editor, FlexClip is the answer. This web-based program offers basic transitions, a zoom function, video templates, and an audio recording tool. Users can either use a template, and drag and drop video content, or they can start from scratch to create a unique video. As a completely free program, the large music, video, and image libraries make video creation simple. FlexClip also allows you to create videos for any social media network. All you need to do it choose the ratio for your preferred platform during download.


This editing allows you to create and edit videos effortlessly. Fastreel offers an intuitive interface with a wide range of features. Some of these features include stop-motion video tools, a video reversal tool, the ability to merge videos, and the option to rotate videos. Better yet, it is simple to add music, subtitles, and text to your video at any stage of the editing process. The main difference between the free and paid plans on Fastreel is the watermark on the free version. All of the other features are accessible to all users.

Creating video content is a great way to grow your brand, gain new followers and boost your business online. Take your time to research the online video editing tools above to find which works best for your needs. Experiment with different types of videos and ensure that you offer your audience something memorable. Great video editing can not only improve customers' perception of your brand but can also help you gain more sales.

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