Top Apps to Repost Content On Instagram 2022

Last Updated:
December 21, 2021

Apps to Repost Content On Instagram

For businesses looking to improve their social media presence, Instagram is a great tool. Utilizing user-generated content is a great way to increase your reach and engagement. However, Instagram doesn’t allow you to natively share posts to your feed, as it does with Instagram Stories. Luckily, many companies understand the need for reposting user content to your feed. These apps make it simple to share user content without needing to screenshot and edit. Below are the top apps to repost content on Instagram

Repost for Instagram

The Repost for Instagram app is extremely reliable and available for both iOS and Android. You simply download and install it on your mobile device to start. Simply browse Instagram like normal. Once you find a post you would like to share, open the sharing options (three dots) on the post. Then click ‘Copy Share URL’. Open the Repost app, and the copied post will appear, tap ‘Repost’ and ‘Copy to Instagram’. This will automatically take you back to the Instagram app, where you can adjust the caption as you like. Don’t forget to tag the original owner in the image and caption and post as usual. Repost for Instagram makes sharing content easy and once you are used to the app, it only takes a few seconds.

Multi Repost – Download and Repost for Instagram

This app is available on both iOS and Android. This is one of the only repost apps that allows you to post multiple images at once. It also allows you to repost a single photo, video, or both images and videos. These features make it a great tool for businesses looking to share reviews or unboxings without spamming their Instagram followers. The process for copying images is the same as with Repost above, however within the Multi-Repost app, you select multiple images before clicking ‘Copy to Instagram’. Additionally, this app allows you to change the colors, set filters, change border styles, and rotate images. The user interface is easy to use, and navigate.

Repost via Instant

Now, this app is only available on Android, however, it offers the added benefit of copying IGTV videos as well as posts and standard videos. It works the same as the other apps we have mentioned, by clicking ‘Copy Share URL’, then opening the Repost via Instant app. The app also stores a copy of each post you copy, thus making it easy to organically share posts throughout the week as per your marketing plan.

Why Repost Apps are Important for Marketing

Sharing and reposting pictures from your customers can help you to build better social proof. Thus, increasing perceived brand trust and reliability with both potential and current customers. Not to mention, customers love to know that businesses have seen and appreciated their posts. However, best practice is to ensure you also like and comment on the original post before reposting.

The apps to repost content on Instagram that we mention above can not only help to improve your brand image, but can also increase sales through social proof. Customers love to know what others think about your products before buying, and will be much more likely to see this is you are reposting it on your business feed. Get started with one of the apps above, and see the difference user-generated content can make!

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