Who Stalks my Instagram? 2 Ways to Find Out

Last Updated:
August 23, 2022

Who Stalks my Instagram

Every business and person on Instagram is curious about who is viewing their content. So, how can you find who stalks your Instagram? Below are several ways to find out, and how your business can use the information when creating content. First, however, we are going to learn what information you can see about Instagram followers and viewers and when you can see it.

Is it Possible to See Who Visits Your Profile?

Not exactly, in fact, it depends on what the visitor does. When someone visits your profile but doesn’t like or comment on anything, you won’t know they were there. However, if someone visits your profile and likes or comments on something, you will be able to see it.

Is it Possible to See Who Views Your Stories?

Yes. When someone watches your Instagram Stories, you can see who they are with their username and profile picture. In fact, Instagram makes this data very accessible. Simply view your Stories and click on the Activity button in the bottom left-hand corner. This then brings up a list of viewers.

Do ‘Who Viewed my Instagram’ Apps Work?

Various apps claim to show you who views or who stalks your Instagram profile. Unfortunately, these apps do not have the capability to do this. This is because the Instagram API will not release this information to users, let alone third-party apps.

Learning more about who views your profile

Now that you know it’s not possible to get a list of who stalks your Instagram, we are going to cover what can find out and how to utilize it for marketing.

1. The order of who views your Stories

Seeing a list of who has viewed your Instagram Stories may seem kind of pointless. However, the order of this list is created using the Instagram algorithm. This means the list will show who interacts with your content the most, who is a newer viewer, and who possibly just stumbled upon your stories. The users that interact the most will show up towards the top of this list, whereas new viewers will be at the bottom. Now, this may seem inconsequential, but this information can help you to target your content better.

Knowing how Instagram works, people that don’t already follow you but have found your stories, have likely found you on the explore page. Thus, you can look at their profile, and see if they fit your current buyer persona or not. If you are getting a large number of views outside of your buyer persona demographic, it is time to review and change your content.

2. Use Instagram Insights

Having a business account on Instagram gives you access to profile and activity insights. With this option, you have access to demographic information. While this doesn’t give you a list of users that view your profile, it does give you insight into the type of users viewing your profile. As a business account, you have access to the age, gender, location, and whether the viewers follow you or not. Use this information to help target your content and gauge its performance. Consider reach and engagement when reviewing the performance of a post, reel, or story. After all, a post with a large reach and no engagement isn’t ideal.

While you can’t see directly who stalks your Instagram, there are useful details for businesses to use. Use the data you have and review it frequently to get the most out of your Instagram account.

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